Remembering Israel Brooks, Jr (1944-2007)

Our community lost a great man this weekend.

Karen and I were watching the local Fox News Friday night when we couldn’t believe what we heard: Israel Brooks had passed away.

I was even more surprised to learn of this man’s important history and service to our state/country.

You see, to me and my family, Mr. Brooks was simply the nice man at our voting precinct (Riversprings) who would always have a small on his face, have his poll volunteers laughing, and would always take time to say hello to our children when we came to vote.

I never knew about his historic past. After watching the news and reading about his life, it doesn’t surprise me how much this man accomplished in life. It also doesn’t surprise me how humble he was and how he graciously gave to his state and country.

I’ll attach the stories but briefly would list some of his achievements:

*Husband, father, grandfather, godparent
*South Carolina’s 1st Black State Trooper
*Appointed SC Chief US Marshal by President Clinton
*United State Marine

Funeral services for Mr. Israel Brooks, Jr. Us Marhsal (Ret) will be conducted at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, September 12, 2007 at St. John Baptist Church.

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