A Fiscal Conservative Valentine's Day

Ok, I don’t really know what this says about me that I’m posting tonight on Valentine’s Day about “cheap gas” but I had to share this with the community.

If you need gas, stroll on over to the Kroger’s on St. Andrews and Lake Murray Boulevard (a gallon is under $2.70 with your Kroger card!)

Karen and I were coming back from taking Sarah to cheerleading…oh, this was after a “romantic dinner” sitting in the Sonic Drive Thru with all the kids, when I realized we needed gas in her car (99 Ford Expedition over 150,000 miles).

We pulled in the new Kroger Gas Station and filled up with 22 gallons at $2.659 a gallon!

Stations in the same area ranged from $2.83 all the way up to $2.90! That means the $5 I saved tonight can go towards the $39.99 roses (from BiLo) that I bought for Karen, Sarah, and Emma today.

Am I cheap or what? Or another question…..how does my wife put up with me?