Palmetto Politics: It ain't Sunday School

No, this isn’t a NRA / Charlton Heston post tonight.

Instead, it’s a Paul Harvey “rest-of-the-story” post about a campaign going on in Aiken County. While this instance is specifically one Senate race in SC, it can pretty much sum up everything about political races in South Carolina from dog-catcher to President.

Palmetto State consultants are good at making Eagle Scouts look like crack-addicts.

They can even do it by using “the facts” but…out of context and in the worst possible light. The “good” ones are so “good” they actually can defend their smears by simply say “it’s all a matter of public record.”

The sad part is unless you follow this stuff closesly OR an official has tons of money to spend on fixing the damage by getting “the rest of the story” out, the smears usually stick in the mind of voters.

In this instance, we’re talking religion and we’re talking about “The Ten Commandments Bill” which passed last year but not without some shenanigans.

Here’s hoping this latest distortion won’t stick because Shane Massey seems to be a good guy who is “shaking things up in Columbia”.

This latest distortion reminds me of two things my pastor told me when I sought his counsel about running for public office:

1) God doesn’t put this on many people’s hearts; you should listen.
2) Politics ain’t Sunday School.

Boy was he right!