Better and Safer Roads are Happening Now

This week I sent this mail piece to the district. If you did not receive a copy, please click on each photo to enlarge for more details.


  1. Dennis Baker says

    Two intersections were not improved by the yield signs at the intersections of Hollingshed/Kennerly Roads, and Hollingshed/River Bottom Roads. The paving and turn lanes were nice for the school traffic, but the yield signs are contrary to all traffic rules. The right turn lanes yield to those turning left! Everyone who approaches those corners is confused. Both try to yield, one for the sign, and the other for the rules of the road. Then both try to go at the same time, after both stop. There have been accidents, but I’m surprised not more. Maybe the yield signs were to confuse everyone, and make them be extra cautious before proceeding? If that was the purpose, it succeeded, because no one knows when to go.