“The days of the utilities deciding our energy policy are over”

You may remember last year when I helped lead the efforts to provide energy options to our state. More options means more competition – means cheaper prices for the ratepayer. It’s that simple.

You may also remember how that turned out .

Over the summer and fall, we circled the wagons in order to be sure that this year, the people’s voice will be heard from across our state.

This week, the push officially began again…

COLUMBIA, S.C. A bipartisan group of state lawmakers, environmentalists and solar-energy advocates is renewing its push to ease South Carolina’s restrictions on rooftop solar customers.

Lawmakers gathered at the State House on Thursday to announce details on solar bills filed in the state Senate and S.C. House to allow suppliers to provide alternative energy options.

“The days of utilities deciding our energy policy are over,” said state Rep. Nathan Ballentine, R-Richland, co-chair of the S.C. Energy Caucus.

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  1. Tom O’Neal says

    Did you vote for the people that serve on the PSC? A simple yes or no!

    • Yes, House Reps and Senators vote on PSC. This fiasco has taught us many lessons – one is that the PSC has been a rubber stamp for rate increases. You can watch testimony from August 2017 here https://www.nathansnews.com/2017/08/vc-summer-prudent/ and my comments. It’s one of many reasons we passed reforms and continue to replace members. Another big program is the PURC which many aren’t aware about. That’s an even bigger issue. As is the current Chairman of LCI where energy bills must go through. I challenged him – twice- and had the votes the last time to beat him until the utilities and other lobbyists let House Leadership know they did not want me to be chair as I would certainly change things up.

      Thank you for posting and asking, Tom.