Tired of that pothole?

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) has launched a statewide effort after weeks of heavy rainfall have brought with it an increase in the number of potholes.

In order to help combat the pothole problem, SCDOT is launching a “Pothole Blitz” across the state by focusing our Maintenance crews on repairing potholes across the state for the next several weeks.

Deputy Secretary for Engineering Leland Colvin said “It is expected that these additional efforts will take several weeks before we return to normal patching activities,” adding that employees will be working extended hours. “Please use caution while driving and watch out for our work crews out on the roads trying to make these temporary repairs.”

The public is asked to help SCDOT by reporting potholes via SCDOT’s website or calling the SCDOT Pothole Hotline at 1-855-GO-SCDOT (855-467-2368).


  1. Richard A Walters says

    Nathan, Ride out Hwy.176 Broad River Road and see for yourself what a poor job the sub contractor did this past summer for all the people, especially the new people that have moved into the NEW subdivisions in front of the new High & Middle school that HAVE to use Hwy 176 to get to the Interstate. The capping this summer was the poorest example of low bid that I have ever seen. Then after calling SCDOT only to get the receptionist who said the engineer who I ask to speak to said he was going to meet with the sub about the poor work.
    Your Blog said that SCDOT was working on the POT HOLE problem. The person who trains the pothole repair people must have missed several classes on how to fix a pothole. (Ride out Hwy 176 and see for yourself.) Something NEEDS to be corrected before the state has numerous lawsuits on fixing cars that are damaged by the poor repairs of our SCDOT!!! Please Help. Thanks, Richard

  2. Bonnie Banks says

    They repaved Hwy 176 last spring.It now has more potholes than ever. If they are using such inferior products and techniques, why waste our taypayer dollars? Please take a ride from the Peakexit toward Little Mountain and see for yourself. It’s shameful.

  3. Stan Bugner says

    I agree with Richard. The top layer of 176 is coming off, on a newly resurfaced road. This will lead to more deterioration and eventually more tax dollars to repair a substandard job. In addition, on Hwy 76 past Three Dog Road toward Chapin, that quarter of a mile is like an amusement park ride, with your car being pitched around from the patch jobs.

  4. James Hanson says

    I agree with everyone that it certainly is the poorest repaving job I have ever seen and I have been around a long tiime. The top layer is definitely coming off and leaving more pot holes than we had before. The tax payers are paying for a useless job that should have been a smooth ride and long lasting. It’s almost impossible to miss all the pot holes that are popping up everywhere. The people that are out there are just doing a hit and miss job on repairs.