Most recent update on Johnson Marina Road

Received this morning from the SC Department of Transportation.

NOTE: No update from Lowman Home about the abandonment process.

* * *

In addition to the markings on the original plan sheet we will be adding:

· Two left turn arrows and “Only” markings to the left turn lane off of US 76.

· Left and Right turn arrows on Johnson Marina Rd.

· White Skip markings to delineate the beginning of the left turn lane off of US 76.

· White Skip markings at the end of the small turn lane on Johnson marina to help delineate this turn lane better.

Any of the indicated markings that are not already in place will be added. The arrow’s along with the final pavement markings are currently scheduled to go down this coming Monday and Tuesday nights. We have a small bit of corrective work to correct the tapered median for the left turning movement off of Johnson Marina onto Hwy 76.

* * *


  1. I hope the potential closing of the Lowan Home Rd can be stopped. There is too much traffic to go out 1 way through Johnson Marina. Will there be a public hearing? Our neighbors will come out in droves.

    • Vera, I haven’t heard if Lowman Home has started the “abandonment process” yet or not. I will see if I can find out what’s going on. DOT believes there is a public input portion during the process. It’s a legal thing in courts so this is first time I’ve ever encountered this. In the event Lowman Home does get the roads closed, I’ve done everything possible to help all of us who usually cut through their property to get to schools/chapin/post office, etc. We would have a traffic signal installed which would allow us to make that left turn that no locals currenty do….only people who aren’t from around here currently turn left from Johnson Marina onto 76 🙂