Your property tax bill is in the mail

You might have been surprised when your Richland County Property Tax Bill jumped this year (I imagine Lexington County bills will also). This increase comes from a new 2019 reassessment of county property and mainly from an increase in the school bonds portion of your tax bill.

You may recall years ago voters approved a bond referendum here in Lexington Richland School District Five. I spoke with the district and learned the increase this year was an additional 20 mils to that earlier referendum bond amount. The increase was approved by the board for the construction of the Amicks Ferry elementary school and it will be paid off over a period of three years.

Of course other parts of the bill went up; but the new school comes out to roughly an additional $83 on a home valued at $100,000.


  1. Susan Clements says

    I am so over tax increases for schools that produce no value to our community. And why don’t you retrofit the Ellett Bros. Building for school space? And crack down on students residing outside zoned schools? And we in Richland county should be able to cancel our trash service and use the dump ourselves. When will property tax assessments formulas be made available?