New information on Lowman Home Abandonment request


  1. Sheri Hood says

    This is great news, Nathan! I’m so glad your hands have been untied from a legal standpoint and that you are now able to step in to represent our voices! I also truly appreciate your recommendation to the DOT that these vital roads be kept open! Thanks for your help!

  2. Jeff Herring says

    Thank you Nathan! If you have not been made aware, public notice has been published in the Columbia Star newspaper. I understand Lutheran Home’s desire to close these roads, but also see it as a complete disregard to the community it operates in and with. I appreciate you representing the thousands that have spoken out against this.

  3. F. David Wythe says

    Thank you Nathan

    The greatest concern I have is that our peninsula down Johnson Marina Road has but three egresses; Three Dog Road, Johnson Marina Road, and Lowman Home Barn Road.

    Lake Murray Elementary School is located on Three Dog Road and the road is blocked by school traffic twice each day. Should Lowman Home Barn Road close to the public, the only egress from the peninsula would be Johnson Marina Road. As you know, problems still exist with the intersection of Johnson Marina Road and Dutch Form Road. The left turn lane is but 45 feet long (enough for two and 1/2 cars) and the intersection is a high traffic volume area.

    Any traffic accident, fender bender, etc. on Johnson Marina Road would then literally isolate the whole peninsula.

    Thank you for your continued support.

    Yours very truly,

    F. David Wythe

  4. Allison Cosper says

    Good Afternoon Nathan,

    I am thankful that you have been given the opportunity to speak up for us all! I decided to try and take a left at the end of Johnson Marina Rd. today in order to see what it was like after the road widening. This was an “eye opener” for me. I sat for a long time just waiting as cars continuously came around the curve from the Ballentine area. It felt like I was almost taking a gamble because the traffic was so heavy and the visibility was so low. I can’t imagine having our teenagers take a left everyday in order to drive to school!


  5. Tammy Lorick says

    Thank you Nathan.

  6. Nate,

    Thanks for sending this letter. I am sure most everyone appreciates it.

    Have a good legislative session.

  7. Rudolph Harrington says

    Thank you Nathan for taking the time to determine that there is no legal issue for you to express the wishes of your constituency. It is a shame that the Lutheran Home folks don’t care about the other people who live on the peninsula. It is also a shame that SCDOT did not ask for any input from the peninsular residents about the re-working of the intersection between Hwy 76 and Johnson Marina Rd. Now it is worse that before. More wasted taxpayer money that could have been saved with adequate input from those who care.

    Rudy Harrington

  8. Kathy Lane says

    Thank you! It is ridiculous to think the residents have been given proper warning of this closure. It impacts everyone our way and could affect response time from fire, ambulance and police. It also adds even more wear and tear on an already breaking system of egresses. I hope that those in charge will listen and that this is not a situation where this was a done deal before they even “Tried” to let the public know!

  9. Rich Chamberlain says

    Rep.Ballentine: Thank You for the opportunity to weigh in on this issue. I do not believe That Lowman Homes or any other special interest have the right to acquire public property or services for private or personnel use, without a clear and open public hearing. In addition to the other well placed traffic concerns, this would also add to traffic volume on Peace Haven as more vehicles travel to Three Dog and make it virtually impossible to turn left from White Rock Post office at certain times of day.

    A good neighbor would not use the guise of personal safety to an make an entire neighborhood less safe!

    Rich Chamberlain