Update: Blue Granite rate hike request

Happy to report that for the first time in years, the SC Dept of Consumer Affairs will help us ratepayers in this hearing. This opportunity to protect the ratepayers comes amid the fallout from VC Summer (SCE&G) and the SC General Assembly changing the laws to give us protection that we’ve not had in quite some time.

In addition, I’m happy to report that these public hearings will NOT BE DURING WORK HOURS! Rep Huggins and I joined a few members of the community to make the request to have hearings at a time more convenient to most people in the community.

The closet hearing for us will be THURSDAY, JANUARY 30TH, 6:00 PM, AT THE IRMO MUNICIPAL BUILDING ON WOODROW STREET. For more information see November story from WIS along with recent notification I received about these hearings below that!


From WIS weeks ago

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) – The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs has petitioned to intervene in a request to raise utility rates.

The request was filed by the Blue Granite Water Company with the Public Service Commission.

The company serves dozens of neighborhoods in Richland, Lexington, and York counties.

If approved, the increase could raise customer’s rates up to 56%.

In the application for proposed increases, customer’s water rates could increase up to 45% and sewer rates up to 56%.


  1. Dathan McClure says

    Hello Rep Ballentine.
    I am not well versed in the operating costs of the water companies. I do know that particularly the fresh water service is very slow about fixing breaks in water lines, and even slower at repaving the excavated pavement afterward. There are places near my house where repairs they did years ago still have not been repaved. I recall an incident years back where such lack of repavement obstructed my driveway, and repeated calls did nothing to get them to finish the job. I had to go downtown and make a scene in their office before anything was done. The customer service has not improved. Anyway, you can understand easily I think, with my sewer and water bills already together adding up to over $100 every month, watching the price go up another $50 is upsetting to me. That will make my water service equal to about 20% of my house payment, and almost 75% of what I am paying for auto insurance on three cars for me, my wife, and my daughter. Please find out why this is necessary, and if all you get are weak excuses, please do your best to put a stop to it. I don’t think I’m quite getting what I pay for now. Increasing the price 50% isn’t going to make me feel better about it.


  2. Joseph W Rogers says

    Dear Representative Ballentine:
    Regarding this rate case for Blue Granite, I have read all of the justifications set forth by the Company. I never worked in Water/Sewer rate-making with my tenure at the PSC and ORS but none of it seems to have any standing in my opinion. That is not to say that a portion of it may, I don’t know> I doubt it. I worked Electric and Communications (Telecommunications) during my 25 year tenure. There is one solution that is an absolute in putting this to a screeching halt; put pressure on Blue Granite to withdraw the request. I have seen it done over my years in regulation. It has been a long time since I retired but you and Dick can get their attention. Thank you for all you have done for the District for all these many years, you know I support you and feel so grateful that you have devoted your time to protecting and serving us. I could not ask for a better statesman. Best regards, Joe Rogers