Message from Irmo Mayor

IRMO Citizens:

The COVID-19 pandemic is real. The health and well-being of our family, friends and neighbors is at stake in SC and right here in IRMO. Your Council is working alongside State Officials to make decisions for the health and safety of our residents and businesses. The IRMO Town Council is following the CDC guidelines for Social Distancing and we are conducting business and interacting with the community remotely and virtually.

Effective immediately the Town of IRMO is operating under an “Emergency Protocol” basis. Entry to all Town buildings will be restricted to an “appointment only” basis for the safety of our citizens and our Town employees. This includes Town Hall, the Courthouse and the Police Department. Please call (803-781-7050) if you need to conduct business with these agencies. All Town Parks are officially closed for public use indefinitely. This includes Irmo Community Park, Irmo Town Park and Veteran’s Park. All restaurants and coffee shops within the Town of IRMO are takeout/curbside only. I am aware that some gyms are still operating normally during this time but I advise you to use caution and common sense if you visit one of these facilities.

Many of you have asked about curfews or shelter-in-place orders such as the one that was implemented in the City of Columbia. At this time, Town Council has opted not to adopt one of these ordinances for the Town of Irmo but please keep in mind that this situation is fluid and could change at any time. Again….if you MUST leave your home, PLEASE use common sense and practice Social Distancing while in public.

Based on guidance from CDC, if you think you have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus and develop a fever and symptoms, such as dry cough and/or difficulty breathing, please stay home and call your healthcare provider for medical advice. Any questions about your own personal need for testing or quarantine should be directed to your healthcare provider.

Finally WASH YOUR HANDS, COUGH INTO YOUR ELBOW, LIMIT YOUR INTERACTIONS WITH GROUPS LARGER than 10 and TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER. Your IRMO Council is praying for you and your families. We are in this together and we will get through this!


Mayor Barry Walker


  1. Amos S. Jones says

    Thank you for the update. I would like to ask you to request that CSX repair the crossing at Woodrow and North Royal Tower. I have witnessed several occasions of potential accidents because cars heading into New Friarsgate swerve or cross the centerline to avoid driving over the rough area that has been in a dangerous rough area for several years. Why does it take five years for CSX to repair this crossing? What are they waiting on, someone to be injured, or die when or if their car malfunctions as they cross the tracks? (I dread the day that someone loses a wheel or have a blowout and go into oncoming traffic and cause a head-on collision). I have contacted CSX personally and was told that CSX would send someone out to check into my complaint. Other Irmo citizens have mentioned that they have also complained to CSX and nothing significant has been done! This condition does not exist at none of the other crossings that have the heavy traffic as this location. Please place this matter at the top of your agenda as soon as possible we have been ignored by CSX too long! Thank you for your attention!