Update on Wessinger Road

Rep Huggins and I share the area around Wessinger and wanted all to know the latest from SCDOT. Like y’all, we are disappointed in the amount of time this project is taking as well as the horrible conditions for all of us during the process.

Below is the very latest from SCDOT on 10/13:

The contractor’s plan to bring in milling equipment and crew is in action this week. They are milling 6 inches into the thick asphalt and this will facilitate being able to effectively reclaim the full depth of the 12″ cement reclamation. The contractor indicates that they expect the cement reclamation to be completed by October 30th and that the final surface on the entire road is expected to be completed by December 1st. Let me know if you would like to have additional information.


  1. Michael Daly says

    I hope the plan is to resurface the new asphalt to be smoother. The humps and dips they are leaving so far will cause the asphalt to be pushed out of the dips, by the Cement and dump trucks coming through Wessinger for the many new houses that are being built. If left as it is up to Island Trail I give it less then one year before it will need repairs. I am a General Contractor so have some knowledge.

  2. June Kenan says

    What in the world is going on on Indian Fork??? Looks like a huge subdivision!! Who allows all these subdivisions when we already have water, sewer and traffic problems???????
    Is Indian Fork ever going to be paved? It has been fifty years and all we get is asphalt dumped in holes and first rain washer it out!!

    • June, I noticed that driving by a few weeks ago! I’m not sure what is going in. Those zoning decisions are made by our local county council. Bill Malinowski is our local county councilman. His number is 803-932-7919.