Come join me! Any guy 21 to 71+ years old in the community

Seven years ago I found this group of men in the community and am glad I did! Today I’m sharing again because I know there are men out there like me, who need what we have!

What is F3? Click here.

Come join me and about 100 guys from Chapin, Dutch Fork and Irmo. If you’re reading this in other parts of the state/country, click and find a group near you, too!


  1. Laura P Valtorta says

    It looks like nobody in this group is wearing a mask or social distancing. What religious requirements do you have? Any LGBTQ members? Or women?

  2. Laura, Laura, Laura…..I pulled the photo from web, not even our local photo.

    We do not have any religious requirements. Go read the site for more information.

    I’ve never asked anyone if they are LGBTQ or not…..and no, there is no women. They have their own group called FIA. Females in Action. You can google and learn more about them as well. They are in our area and throughout the state, etc.