Koon Road Bridge Update – NO interchange coming

After fielding many calls, and at request of a constituent, I wanted to get message out there to save y’all some time.

There is NO interchange coming to the Koon Road bridge/location on I26. There will be a REBUILT bridge on Koon Road though.

What you see is DOT removing trees so that we will have 3 lanes (in both directions). A lot of work going on for these changes that are coming. You may also have noticed a lot of work as you head towards Chapin and on to Newberry. There WILL BE new interchanges there as well as rebuilt bridges.

This rather large project is scheduled to be completed in 2024.


  1. Karen Wilson says

    What about the bridge over I26 on Shady Grove Road? Is this what you are referring to?

  2. Mike Sterling says

    So, where will the new interchanges be?

  3. It is stupid not to build an interchange at Koon Road to take congestion of Broad River Road. Just stupid. Find the money in all the pork that you and your other representatives are pushing.

    • LOL. Ted, I get the “throw the bums out” sentiment; but clearly you don’t know me or my service in the General Assembly for all these years. Let me know what pork I’m pushing because everyone knows my stinginess. Here’s just one example for “pork” in our backyard that I voted against. https://www.nathansnews.com/2012/07/irmo-veterans-park-funding/ There are many other instances where I’ve been ranked one of the most conservative members in office. Many times in the Top 10 or Top 5 (out of 124) regarding budget vetos. I do appreciate your posting though.

  4. Kim A Murphy says

    Thanks Nathan. We have heard there is an interchange proposed at Mount Vernon Church Rd. Is this correct? I am aware that the Chapin exit will be moved towards the west, which I consider a relocated interchange. Will there be any other “relocated” interchanges or additional interchanges? The map in the link does not show a clear representation of “before” and “after” improvements.

  5. Lee Brannon says

    That’s GREAT. We don’t need to waste money on an interchange @ Koon road, but we definitely need a clover-leaf at Shady Grove road. It would pull a lot of needless traffic off of Koon road.