News from last night’s School Board Meeting

I was shocke to hear the news from last night’s meeting. Dr. Melton’s departure means our district will have our 7th Superintendent in the past 16 years.

From The State

Just weeks after she was named South Carolina superintendent of the year , Christina Melton has resigned as superintendent of Lexington-Richland 5.

An emotional Melton made the announcement at the end of Monday’s school board meeting, after board members met in an executive session and one member resigned mid-meeting.

Melton said her last day as superintendent will be June 30.

“This is a bittersweet message,” said Melton who called Lexington-Richland 5 her home and the staff and faculty there her family. “It truly is a privilege to lead District 5. … We’ve been tested, but we are resilient and student-centered.”

Vice chairman Ken Loveless, presiding over the meeting, accepted Melton’s resignation and said the board will hold a special meeting in the future to replace her by July 1. He said the district wishes Melton well.
Melton had been with Lexington-Richland 5 for more than a decade, starting as an elementary school principal. She won principal of the year in 2012 and district-level administrator of the year in 2016 from the S.C. Association of School Administrators. Just last month she was named S.C. superintendent of the year.

School board member Ed White announced during the meeting that he was resigning from the school board because of his disagreements with the school district’s handling of Melton’s resignation. White then got up and left the room.

After the meeting, Melton quickly left the room with other staff members for an adjoining room where crying could be heard.


Despite her accomplishments, Melton was criticized by some parents for her cautious response to the COVID-19 pandemic. School board members were criticized for deferring to Melton on when and how students could return to in-person classes at the beginning of the 2020-21 school year.

After the school board elections in November shook up the board majority, Lexington-Richland 5 starting moving more quickly to return to normal operations. When the board decided to move forward with a reopening timetable against Melton’s advice, it led to student protests and a walk-out of teachers at three district high schools that caused the schools to close.

For more from The State, click here.

For Dr. Melton’s statement, click here .


  1. Judy Gatson’s FB page has a complete response from Ed White.

    Whole thing reminds me of “Project LM” perpetrated by the county council (Malinowski)

  2. She didn’t resign, she was forced out.
    So a board that was voted in doesn’t have to explain their actions in regards to the firing of the highest position in the district especially after winning “superintendent of the year”?!
    I guess they know something everyone else doesn’t.
    Hard to be the voice of the people without asking them, or is this like Fauci where they know what’s best for us?

  3. Frank Legare says

    She resigned. Ed White resigned. Period!

    • Thx captain.
      I have more say as a stock holder than I do as a voting, tax paying member of the district.

  4. William Hutson says

    The School Board of Lexington 5 must have been on some sort of
    Medicine to have let the Superintendent of the Year in SC go. It is a callous act of
    power. Shame on you Ken Loveless. Mrs Gardner and Mrs Huddle for making such
    an reckless decision that affects the majority of parents and students in our

    Thank you Ed White for standing up for Dr. Melton. Your information pointed out the
    Culprits behind the decision, namely Loveless, Gardner and Huddle. Rest assured those
    persons will feel the effects of their incompetent decisions the next time they come up for

  5. That response by the district is false. They congratulated her then two agenda items later in front of her family told her she was fired and to take 15min to write her resignation.
    She obviously didn’t do anything illegal because she wasn’t arrested, so exactly what was the justification?
    There’s a petition circulating to boot these board members.

  6. Sarah Folks says

    Here’s the link of them awarding Ms. Melton with her family and taking pictures with the board.

    Then here’s her resignation.

    I suggest folks watch these and those inbetween. Eye opening. Might be a blessing in disguise to shed some light on these folks.