From the House Floor – Congressional District Lines


  1. Edit: There are SEVEN Congressional Districts in South Carolina. I kept hearing about the 6th during debate and in background so 6 stuck in my head. Apologies.

    • Carl Zwerling says

      i really hope that you are fighting for fair election districts that discourages voter suppression. I am so fed up with all the Qanon conspiracies, but I am sure you would never lower yourself to those standards.
      Please support open and fair elections where everyone is guaranteed the right to vote.

  2. Brian Wiseman says

    Did y’all change the penalties in regards to marijuana use during session?
    Over the last year I consistently smell it all over Ballentine.
    You reduce the penalties and you get more of it. Ask San Francisco about petty theft…
    Even worse riding down broad river road.

  3. Ralph Bell says

    Thanks again for keeping us informed. Hopefully this will be resolved without effects on our upcoming elections.

  4. Tammy Lorick says

    Thank you, Carl.