I’m running and need your help!

Two weeks ago, on the first day filing opened, I filed to run for re-election to serve our community again in the State House!

Today, with just 30 minutes left until filing closed, an opponent filed to run in the June primary.

I love being in real campaigns and love when everyday people offer themselves up for public service. Unfortunately, many times, last minute filers come at the request from outside interest groups willing to bankroll this person and buy a seat to push agendas our community may not support.

Regardless, I will continue to work hard to earn your support. I never take anything for granted and hope I’ve earned your continued support and trust through the years of serving Chapin, Dutch Fork and Irmo.

We’ve had primary opponents in the past (and won 70%-25%-5% in the 2018 primary and won 84%-16% in the 2016 primary) and you’ve been a part of those overwhelming victories that sent me back to Columbia.


Can I count on you again?


Please let me know if you are willing to display a yard sign (I’ll deliver in May), if you’re willing to contribute funds to the campaign (click here) or if you’re willing to lend your name to the list of our early supporters.

Thanks for always being in my corner!




  1. Victor B Innocenti says

    As a “Card Carrying” Independent you will please excuse me from voting in any Primary Election whether it be Republican or Democrat…In my opinion it would be “two-faced” to be an independent voter any then vote for any one party candidate.

    ON THE OTHER HAND…I will support and vote for you in any election that you may be a candidate for in this state. I will continue to voice my opinion to all of my neighbors for the same support in your election campaign…even those who will vote in the primary.

    For my opinion and for many of us in Quail Valley we hope you will support the Medical Marijuana Bill,
    and for a complete “overhaul” of the the USC Board of Governors.

    The one bill that is in constant state of “denial” is “Hate Crime Bill” …that needs to be a part of an overall state criminal system. It is embarrassing that we don’t have that on the agenda for serious discussion and approval.

    One last thought. For many years I and some others have often wondered why the state does not sponsor a “full blown” project for the construction of a new horse racing track/facility to be established somewhere between Myrtle Beach and Charleston. I know many people are against pari-mutuel betting and racing. here is the facts though. We breed and train racing horses in this state currently. We then send these South Carolina thoroughbreds around the country to earn millions and draw fans and tourists to other states…along with their spending power. It seems so hypocritical and downright foolish not to capitalize on a large business base in our own state. It could be set up to be state run and any and all profits could then for used for education improvements and teachers salaries along with any urgent infrastructure needs in our state. I guarantee you that if set up in this manner it would receive overwhelming support by South Carolina voters…JMHO… for what it is worth.

    Your friend and supporter:

    V. Bruce Innocenti, Pres.
    Quail Valley Civic Assn.