House Floor: Rep. Chip Huggins says goodbye!


  1. Judy Rink says

    Sorry to see Chip leave the legislature. Thank you Chip

  2. Jim & Lenora Alexander says

    Chip, We will miss knowing you are there for us. It’s been a privilege to
    Know you as a friend & we know deep down inside you helped where ever you
    Could. You promoted honesty, dependability, & genuineness, which are all
    great qualities of a leader for our State. Thank for a job well done.
    Jim & Lenora Alexander

  3. Kim Murphy says

    Great tribute, Nathan! Chip is all that you said he is and more. Two quotes from his meaningful speech stand out and are representative of his representation: “Do your best and forget the rest” and “Always keep your word”. Chip has been a virtuous statesman and he will be missed!

  4. Ralph Bell says

    He will be missed and always was impressed with his work ethic. I know you have always been there working on those issues with him and will continue to do the poeples work.