Railroad Crossing repair: Rauch Metz Road

Spoke with DOT officials today and they informed me work should be completed by 6pm Tuesday.

This road (Exit 97) is very widely used in the area, so I appreciate your patience.

Lots of improvements in our community so there will be some “growing pains” as SCDOT works to ultimately improve our wait times getting to and from work/schools/ballfields/etc.


  1. George Faust says

    Yes sir I don’t understand during the construction to I 26 and 2003 I sold up 3 I saw were all intersections between 101 and a little mountain we’re gonna have exits when they redid the bridges now understand DOT or doing none because the budget shortfalls they shortfalls they won’t widen 176 or 76 wow Why can’t we get a minimum of the intersections to relieve the traffic off of these roads we’re running about 250% capacity of these roads please help us