Check your mailbox! Need your input

This week, my 2022 Legislative Survey should arrive in area mailboxes!

If you do not receive one by the weekend, call me at home and let me know your address and I’ll be sure to get one to you!

Home number: 803-834-4613


  1. Lucy Jones says

    I didn’t get your survey.

  2. Lucy Jones says

    As for the abortion issue. I do not believe in abortions except in the cases of rape or incest. And it should be early in the pregnancy. Oh

  3. James Madden says

    I do not think South Carolina should ban abortion.

  4. Pam Robinson says

    Please support the heartbeat bill that Governor McMaster put in place.
    Thank you

  5. Dathan McClure says

    I appreciate your taking the time to consider the opinion of your constituents. I have answered your survey. For the record, my opinion is that abortion should be available in the event of rape, incest, to protect the life of the mother, or in cases where the pregnancy is simply not viable beyond birth, such as a child born without lungs, for example. It should not be an elective procedure, and resources should be available to give unwilling parents options such as adoption if they are unprepared to be parents. Further, we should be working towards the idea of making adoption more accessible on the adopting end. These children need to have places to go, to families prepared to take care of them, instead of allowing them to become wards of the state social services because their status is hopelessly mired in paperwork.

  6. Joan Vaughan says

    I don’t believe that there’s ever a reason to abort a baby. In the case of rape or incest, it is not the child’s fault that this horrible crime happened and the child should not have to pay for it with their life. If you really believe that a baby is a human, you would never agree that murdering a child is an option in any situation. I have heard that there is never a medical reason that a child would have to be aborted to save the life of the mother. If this is indeed true, I would also exclude this as an exception.

  7. Elizabeth Bray says

    Elizabeth P. Bray says
    August 18, 2022

    I did not get your survey, but I am sure it addressed more than a single question. However, I believe that abortion should be available to all women, without exception. Full stop. I am also aware that others do not feel the same way, so I propose a compromise that abortion be available without restriction to all women up to the limit of fifteen weeks.

  8. Hey Nate, if men had babies, there would be a “men’s clinic” on every corner. Don’t set this state back 50 years by siding with people who don’t even believe in dinosaurs. There’s 400k foster kids in this country, who knows how many here in SC. People should go adopt a kid! Also, restricting this procedure here in South Carolina will ONLY impact poor women. Poor men won’t care, they can’t get pregnant and wealthy men will just ship their daughters, wives and girlfriends out of state. And wealthy or middle class women won’t be impacted either, they will just drive to North Carolina or some other place where they can have the procedure conducted safely. Or perhaps, more ominously, poor women will seek an unsafe procedure that will kill them. It’s a horror show. What about enforcement? Does the governor sic SLED and the highway patrol on women leaving the state? Checkpoints? Search warrants for women’s medical records? It’s gonna happen why wouldn’t it? These people are zealots. Do the right thing, vote NO on all of it, quit the house, retire to the lake and enjoy your life. Your party has changed so much, it’s not even recognizable.

  9. Mary Lou Clyde says

    Hi Nathan,
    I did not get your survey. I’m confused why you did not offer an online version of the survey. (There are several free/inexpensive software programs including Survey Monkey.) Your results are going to skew to old people who answer mail surveys whose opinions may differ significantly from the rest of your constituents. If you want free help creating an online version reach out to me. This is an important issue and your responses should valid.
    Lou Clyde

  10. There was a problem in our precinct on Amick’s Ferry. I sent you an email asking for information on who was controlling the selection of individuals running the polls. I heard nothing back. We need to make sure we have honest elections. Who would I talk to about the manning of the polling places.

    • Al, Amick’s Ferry is out of my district. I can certainly check with Rep Huggins or Rep-Elect Jay Kilmartin if you would like me to have them follow up with you? Just let me know.