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Small Business Association / NFIB endorsement

Received this letter today and will continue to help promote a vibrant business community in our state. I welcome the other endorsements that have previously lent their support.

SC Chamber of Commerce Endorsement

Found this on Twitter today. It’s good to receive endorsements from various groups across the state; but the one that matters most is yours right here in Irmo and Chapin!

NRA endorsement

As someone who recently took up hunting (5 years ago), I’m happy to share another endorsement of my campaign . Like I’ve mentioned before, receiving endorsements are good and they give voters a sense about each candidate; but at the end of the day it’s the endorsement of the community that matters most!

SC Citizens for Life endorsement

With the General Election on the horizon, endorsements are starting to come in. As I shared last election, the endorsement that matters most is from you – the voters. For those new to the area, I will share these as they come in over the next few weeks.

I’m not sure endorsements make or break elections; but they definitely don’t hurt and when they come from various groups it can provide some insight that voters may not know.

Our last election (Republican Primary), we won a three way race with no runoff after receiving 70% of the vote.

The election before that (Republican Primary), we beat a sitting Richland County Council incumbent and received 84% of the vote.

This general election will be Tuesday, November 3rd and I am hopeful my hard work and representation for the Irmo/Chapin/Dutch Fork community continues to show how I focus on People, Not Politics . I’d be honored to have your support again!


The ultimate endorsement comes from you, the voters/the community; but I’m pleased to share these recent endorsements of our campaign and my work for South Carolina! Please vote tomorrow, June 12th!

2008 Primaries: Did endorsements matter?

Does everyone really want to be like Mike?

Anyone over 20 knows “Air Jordan” and at that time, it was one of the largest endorsement deals ever. But now that the primaries are over, I keep asking myself the question I’ve asked since I ran for office four years ago: Do Endorsements matter in local politics?

During my first campaign (2004), I had no “endorsements” except those from my neighbors, church, civic clubs, etc. Obviously I was HOPING the “big name” endorsements wouldn’t matter.

We saw our opposition bring out mail piece after mail piece with the names of incumbent legislators, statewide office holders, sheriffs, and Washington politicians (we later learned some of those might not have been “real endorsements” but, heck, who knows the difference nowadays?). Obviously, we came out ahead in that race and it began to sink in….does the community-voter care who’s supporting who? Could it actually backfire on the candidate touting all the “politicians” support? Or, did it even matter at all?

I don’t have time to analyze all the endorsements, etc but tonight I did ask myself how our Governor did.

You probably have read that the Governor “can count on one hand” the number of endorsements he has done in the last 15 years. This year, he needed two hands.

Off the top of my head tonight, the Governor went 6-4 with WINS for two challengers (Tom Davis, Mike Rose), three open seats (Lee Bright, Tim Scott, Steve Stringer) and one incumbent (Greg Ryberg). His LOSSES were three challengers (Ed Rumsey, Katrina Shealy, Roger Nutt) and one open seat (Scott Singer).

For a Governor that many in the state support (and, yes, I support his fiscal-conservative ideas but have opposed him on things like cigarette tax, seat belts, autism, etc.), I would have expected a better result than my Gamecocks usually do.

Of course, when I look at someone else who has wide popularity in the state and is arguably our “favorite” US Senator, Jim Demint, the results really make me wonder.

Sen. Demint endorsed an open seat (Scott Talley) and a challenger (Katrina Shealy) and lost both. If you go back to the GOP Presidential race (we both supported the same guy – Gov. Mitt Romney), he actually is 0-3 in the 2008 primaries.

How do local voters look past a recommendation from someone who is the “darling” of the state?

Simple…voters want to make up their own mind.

In local races, voters have the time and resources to get to know the candidates and issues. They don’t want “polticians” butting in. They can figure it out themselves.

That’s why I really can count on one hand the primaries I’ve lent my name to: Lt. Governor Andre Bauer and Governor Mitt Romney. In my opinion, statewide races or national races don’t allow the voters the “one-on-one” chance to get to know candidates so MAYBE an endorsement or recommendation from someone can help voters. They’re also “up ballot” races meaning I’m not really telling my community who to pick to represent us locally. I publically stay out of local races and issues (but obviously share my opinion/vote when asked).

So…you tell me (again). When voters go to the polls, do they really care about the “big names” or do they care more about the person who has worked the hardest, shares their values, and whom they feel will do the best job?

SC Club for Growth Endorsement

February 21, 2008
Contact: Matt Moore

SC Club for Growth State Action PAC Endorses Seventeen Legislators for June Primaries

Columbia, SC – Today, the South Carolina Club for Growth State Action PAC endorsed seventeen current South Carolina legislators that are seeking election in the upcoming June 10th primary.

Each of these legislators has shown a continued commitment to limited government and responsible spending, while leading efforts to change South Carolina’s antiquated system of government. All earned a combined grade of “B” or better in the Club’s legislative scorecards and cumulatively represent approximately the top 10% of grades for the entire General Assembly.

South Carolina Club for Growth Executive Director Matt Moore released the following statement on the endorsements:

“On behalf of our membership across the state, I’m proud to announce these endorsements. We believe leadership matters. South Carolina’s future generations will benefit from these legislators leading the charge to reform our state government.

Through the support of hundreds of members around the state, we are hopeful that many more change-oriented legislators will join these reformers at the Statehouse next January. We will be carefully monitoring their re-election efforts. Should credible challengers run against any of them, we will urge our members to contribute generously to these endorsed incumbents.”

SC State Senate:

Legislator – District #, Area, Party
Kevin Bryant – 3rd District, Anderson, Republican
Danny Verdin – 9th District, Laurens, Republican
Mick Mulvaney – 16th District, Lancaster, Republican
Greg Ryberg – 24th District, Aiken, Republican
Larry Grooms – 37th District, Berkeley, Republican
Chip Campsen – 43rd District, Charleston, Republican

SC State House of Representatives:

Legislator – District #, Area, Party
Don Bowen – 8th District, Anderson, Republican
Michael Thompson – 9th District, Anderson, Republican
Jeff Duncan – 15th District, Laurens , Republican
Dwight Loftis – 19th District, Greenville, Republican
Eric Bedingfield – 28th District, Greenville, Republican
Herb Kirsh – 47th District, York, Democrat
Thad Viers – 68th District, Horry, Republican
Nathan Ballentine – 71st District, Lexington, Republican
Nikki Haley – 87th District, Lexington, Republican
Jim Merrill – 99th District, Berkeley, Republican
Chip Limehouse – 110th District, Charleston, Republican


Do endorsements really matter in politics – local, state, national?

From today’s State

“McCain, more than any other candidate, hopes voters factor endorsements into their decision-making.

McCain has been endorsed by U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, S.C. House Speaker Bobby Harrell and S.C. Senate Majority Leader Glenn McConnell. By one tally, McCain has 48 of 71 Republican lawmakers backing him.”

The article goes on to say that Governor Sanford (who endorsed McCain in 2000) will sit this one out.

All this reminds me of my opinion about endorsements – they may look good on paper but they aren’t going to win the race for you. Maybe I’m wrong?

Does one person’s name make that much difference? Or, is it the candidate himself and his message, abilities, experience and/or passion to serve, that make the difference?

Ever since I became a public servant, I’ve held true to my stance not to endorse candidates in local races. With races at the local level – Mayor, County Council, Town Council, School Board, etc – I believe you, the voter, have the time and resources to follow the race closely and weigh all the candidates. You also have a chance (or should) for one-on-one face time and Q&A sessions with each candidate at local events.

In statewide or national races, you may not have those opportunities. Where candidates aren’t as accessible here locally and there is less of a chance for you to get to know the candidates and their positions, I feel it appropriate for me to assist you with my public support and opinion. In the past I have endorsed Lt. Governor Andre Bauer for his statewide races and most recently Govenor Mitt Romney for his Presidential race.

While I’m in the minority of state policitians supporting Governor Romney, I am pleased to be joined by several conservatives here in the Midlands: Representatives Nikki Haley, Chip Huggins, Ted Pitts and Senator Ronnie Cromer.

Regardless how things end up with the Presidential race, Republicans will “endorse” the same candidate for the General Election. Now how much weight will that carry??

I’d be curious as to your thoughts. Do endorsements matter? Are you more willing to vote for someone because of who’s backing them? If you don’t have the time/resources to vet the candidates (like Presidential), I’m guessing endorsements do make a difference. In local races, I’m thinking they don’t. You’re smart enough (and close enough to the candidates) to form your own opinion.

I think people, not politics matter. Now if you hear your neighbor is supporting a candidate, that’s a whole other type of endorsement in my opinion. One that matters!

Large signs going up!

Wanted to thank a few of the local businesses that are again supporting my re-election campaign by having large 4×8 signs on site for the next 6 weeks. These businesses are all located within House District 71 and I’m honored to represent them in Columbia!

In the past, I’ve received the endorsement of one of the largest small business advocacy groups in the country. I understand what these businesses and individuals face on a daily basis. NFIB is the voice of small business, advocating on behalf of America’s small and independent business owners, both in Washington, D.C., and in all 50 state capitals. NFIB is nonprofit, nonpartisan, and member-driven. Since their founding in 1943, NFIB has been exclusively dedicated to small and independent businesses, and remains so today.

Beckham’s Barn
Cassell Brothers
Heritage Fields Farm
Marine 360
Silver Fox Grill
Stanick Sheet Metal and Roofing
Stow-Away Storage

In the weeks ahead you’ll see more businesses displaying their support with large signs and yard signs.

I’ll also be personally delivering yard signs to the more than 200 families that have let me know they will proudly support our campaign and my re-election.

The election is June 14th and once our legislative session ends later this month, I’ll be ramping up the campaign activities. For now, I’m focused on doing the job you have elected me to do!

People, Not Politics (2022)

Later this month, I’ll file paperwork to run again in hopes of serving your family in Columbia. From the beginning our campaign, and how I serve, has been about People, Not Politics.

I can still remember the men, women, kids (and dogs!) I met during our first campaign in 2004. Knocking on more than 3,000 doors gave me a very good insight to what’s important to the people here in the Irmo/Chapin/Dutch Fork area. None of the “political insiders” gave us a chance back then – but y’all rallied around our message and on June 8, 2004 chose me as your Republican nominee for SC House District 71.

Since then, we’ve had two other primaries in 2016 (84%-16%) and again in 2018 (70%-25%-5%) . In 2020 we had a general election (65%-32%-3%).

I don’t take for granted your support and hopefully earn that daily with my service to our community.

In the weeks ahead, I’ll share some endorsements . The one that matters most though comes from y’all!

Thank you for the honor and privilege to serve in the South Carolina General Assembly! Anytime I can be of service to you or your family, email me at or call me at the office (803) 734-2969 or at home (803) 834-4613.