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Friarsgate Park – Safety Concern Update

I’ve had calls this week regarding Friarsgate Park (specifically Irmo Little League) and wanted to provide an update. The email above is from the interim director of the Richland County Recreation Commission.

Moments ago, I spoke with Commissioner Ashley Miller (who lives in our community) and she informed me she was able to get 12 people from the Commission onsite today at Friarsgate Park and that they are looking into options to help finish games and complete the upcoming tournaments.

Some options are:

* Contacting other parks in the area (St Andrews? Seven Oaks?) about using their facilities
* Turning off power and being sure there is a “lock box” so no one can turn power on. This would mean no evening games.
* Repairing the “wire situation”. Not sure how long that would take with bids, etc.

Come back for updates. I will share as soon as I know more about the resolution.

* Community Alert! Friarsgate Park *

There will be a community meeting next Tuesday, July 8th at 7:00 pm at Friarsgate Park in Irmo.

Recent activities at the park have caused the Irmo Little League, along with local law enforcement, parents, elected officials, and anyone interested in park safety to come together as one.

If you have a child that participates in sports at the park or if you live in the Friarsgate Area, this meeting is open to you.

FRIARSGATE PARK : Advisory Panel – get involved!

Here’s an email I wanted to share from Andy Hastings, Director – Friarsgate Park

Friarsgate Park Patrons:

I had the chance to attend a very informative meeting this past week for all the advisory councils across Richland County that provide input at RCRC managed facilities. Unfortunately, while I was at the above mentioned meeting, we had a gang related incident at the park which raised some safety concerns.

At Friarsgate Park, we have not had an active advisory committee for over 5 years. This is a need that needs to be addressed at our facility for two main reasons. First, an active advisory council leads to more community involvement and a safer park. Second, an advisory council could provide input to the park staff as far as what programs the community would like to see offered at the park.

Our next community advisory meeting at Friarsgate Park is scheduled for 5/19/08 at 6:30. We are looking for volunteers who are willing to serve on our advisory council. If you plan to attend this meeting or are interested in helping organize the advisory council for FGP, please call the park at 732-3220 or respond to this email so we may plan accordingly. Feel free to forward this email to any park patrons that may be interested in volunteering their time. Thanks

Andy Hastings
Friarsgate Park

UPDATED: Voting Locations for 10/12 School Board Election

Just received these updates from Richland County this afternoon! Please be sure you know what location to go vote on election day. If you are uncertain of your precinct name below, click here and find that out.

Dutch Fork 1 / Dutch Fork 2 Dutch Fork Middle School 15828 Old Tamah Rd, Irmo, SC 29063

Dutch Fork 3 / Dutch Fork 4 River Springs Church 1007 W Shady Grove Rd, Irmo, SC 29063

Friarsgate 1 / Friarsgate 2 Friarsgate Park 1712 Chadford Rd, Irmo, SC 29063

Harbison 1 / Harbison 2 Harbison Community Ctr 106 Hillpine Rd, Columbia, SC 29212

Oak Pointe 1/ Oak Pointe 2 Oak Pointe Elementary Sch 1 River Bottom Rd, Irmo, SC 29063

Oak Pointe 3 Hope Lutheran Church 1400 Kennerly Rd, Irmo, SC 29063

Old Friarsgate / Riversprings 2
Dutch Fork Elementary 7900 Broad River Rd, Irmo, SC 29063

Parkridge 1 / Parkridge 2
Grace United Methodist 410 Harbison Blvd, Columbia, SC 29212

Riversprings 1/ Riversprings 3 Decided Church 2101 Kennerly Rd, Irmo, SC 29063

Riverwalk Episcopal Ch/St Simon/St Jude 1110 Kinley Rd, Irmo, SC 29063

Spring Hill
Chapin Middle School 11661 Broad River Rd, Chapin, SC 29036

Springville 1 / Springville 2
Lake Murray Elementary 1531 Three Dog Rd, Chapin, SC 29036

Meet Ashley Miller – Richland County Recreation Commissioner

Ashley was born in Columbia, SC and she and her husband Brandon have three children, Ava, Eason and Nora. She attended Irmo high school and has been a native to the Columbia area her entire life.

Brandon and Ashley own a small investment company in Columbia as well as own and operate German Autowerks in West Columbia.

Irmo Little League and Friarsgate Park are near and dear to her family and Ashley and her husband have both volunteered for several years at the park. In addition, all of their children have played at Friarsgate Park and they are very familiar with the facilities and many of the families currently using the park.

Ashley told me “A large portion of our time is spent watching our children grow, play, make lasting friendships and become better athletes at this park. I am deeply passionate and a strong advocate for safety and positive change for all children and families entering our parks and recreation throughout Richland County. I look forward to using my voice for good and I am excited to serve!”

If you have ideas, suggestions or advice for how to improve our parks (Friarsgate Park and Ballentine Park) please let her know by calling 803-955-6110.

We’ve been very fortunate to have been served through the years on the commission by John Ecton, Todd Latiff, Cynthia Shepard and now Ashley. You may have noticed many rennovations recently and in years past as part of funding I secured for Friarsgate as well as improvements at Ballentine Park. Those monies come from state allocated funds to each county delegation. Serving on a large delegation of 15 Democrats and only 2 Republicans makes it challenging to secure the funds we need out here in the northwest corner of the county; but building relationships and advocating for our community – along with having a community member on the commission – helps tremendously.

Thank you Ashley for your willingness to serve!

Richland County Recreation News

You may recall the past mess that was the Richland County Recreation Commission .

Once the delegation was able to make changes, we finally had someone from our area serve – and serve well, she has. Cynthia Shepard served for the past two years and recently stepped down to focus on other things in life. I’m hopeful the 14 Democrats and my fellow Republican on the delegation will support replacing Cynthia with another qualified individual from our area – so that we are not forgotten about while other parts of the county are seeing vast improvements and we are left with two antiquated parks.

Bill Malinowski is our county councilman and works directly with the county budget. I’m trying to help use some state funds that are set aside for each county to use in their parks. The county commissions must request the funds and our commission hasnot since 2017.

Today, I have again asked the county to support Friarsgate Park and Ballentine Park in our community. Because the majority of the delgation refuses to meet more than once a year, it will probably be January before I can hopefully give a positive update on my email to the County Recreation Commission Assistant and my colleagues on the legislative delegation.

As I learn more, I’ll obviously update!


To: Cornelia Watts;Jimmy Bales;Wendy Brawley;Beth Bernstein;Ivory Thigpen;Kirkman Finlay;Christopher R. “Chris” Hart;Todd Rutherford;Seth Rose;Leon Howard;Kambrell Garvin;Annie McDaniel;John Scott;Dick Harpootlian;Darrell Jackson;Mia McLeod;Thomas McElveen;
CC: Kim Janha

Ms. Watts, please share this email with the Chairman and Board. I do not have their emails.

Chairwoman Cotten and others,

First, thank you for your tireless service to the county and the commission. I cannot tell you how glad I am we no longer hear of the former turmoil and activities that occurred prior to your service.

As you know, a board member from my community recently resigned. We greatly miss Cynthia and I hope the delegation will meet soon and appoint a replacement. I will push for a replacement from our area as we have multiple county run parks that are very outdated compared to the others in Richland.

I’m sending this email to you and the delegation for 3 reasons:

1) Let’s appoint a replacement commissioner in the next 60 days – per notice by law, etc. I can certainly find very qualified individuals from the Irmo/Chapin area.
2) Can you and the Board contact the Irmo Little League (run from Friarsgate Park) and ask what safety and other improvements they NEED for that park?
3) Can you and the Board contact the Ballentine Civic Association (who, along with others, use Ballentine park) and ask what safety or other improvements they NEED for the park?

Today I received a packet from Alseha Cushman with SC Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism showing the Richland County PARD account balance is $513,308.08. I also see there have been no requests for 2018 or 2019 or for the upcoming 2020 budget year.

I’m certain our parks – especially the two mentioned above (Friarsgate and Ballentine) could use improvements that these funds were created for.

I’m also certain any matching funds could be raised by the groups that use the facilities.

Please call me if you have any questions or if you need contact information for Irmo Little League or the Ballentine Civic Association. It’s my hope the delegation will discuss and support requests this year to help our county parks – and keep county funds servicing county parks.

I hope you’ll visit my website often to stay informed about what’s going on in the State House and in our community!

Nathan Ballentine

House of Representatives, District 71

Richland-Lexington Counties

320A Blatt Building

Columbia, SC 29221

VOTE…without the long wait this time!

For the first time since last year’s Election Fiasco , voters here in Northwest Richland County will get to go to the polls ( Library Bond Referendum and Columbia Mayor for a few precincts out here).

I’ve contacted Howard Jackson, the new Director of Richland County Elections and Voter Registration , and received the following information which should help restore confidence that Tuesday’s election will be nothing like last November.

Here are several precincts in the area along with their polling location and the number of machines and poll workers that should be present Tuesday when you vote.


Ballentine, Ballentine Elementary School, 12 machines, 9 poll workers
Dutch Fork #1, Dutch Fork High School, 9 machines, 7 poll workers
Dutch Fork #2, Dutch Fork Middle School, 12 machines, 9 poll workers
Friarsgate #1, Friarsgate Park, 7 machines, 6 poll workers
Friarsgate #2, H.E. Corley Elementary School, 6 machines, 6 poll workers
Harbison #1, Harbison Community Center, 6 machines, 6 poll workers
Harbison #2, New Heights Baptist Church, 5 machines, 5 poll workers
Oak Pointe, Oak Pointe Elementary School, 12 machines, 9 poll workers
Old Friarsgate, Dutch Fork Elementary School, 5 machines, 5 poll workers
Parkridge, Harbison Fire Station, 4 machines, 5 poll workers
River Springs, River Springs Elementary School, 12 machines, 10 poll workers
Riverwalk, The Episcopal Church of St. Simon & St. Jude, 11 machines, 8 poll workers
Spring Hill, River Springs Church, 5 machines, 5 poll workers
Springville, Lake Murray Elementary School, 11 machines, 9 poll workers

Richland County: Penny Tax Meeting, September 17th

From “The State/Dawn Hinshaw”

Richland County has scheduled the first round of community meetings to explain details of a proposed penny sales tax for transportation.

The increase, to 8-cents on the dollar on most purchases, would raise $1 billion over 22 years to improve roads; bus service; and expand bike lanes, sidewalks and greenways.

The sessions, announced Tuesday, are:

• Monday: 9/ 10 Adult Activity Center, 7494 Parklane Road
• Sept. 13: Eastover Park, 1031 Main St.
• Sept. 17: Friarsgate Park, 1712 Chadford Road
• Sept. 19: Richland County Public Library, 1431 Assembly St., Columbia
• Sept. 20: Blythewood Park, 126 Boney Road
• Sept. 24: Bluff Road Park, 148 Carswell Road

All presentations will begin at 6 p.m.

County spokeswoman Stephany Snowden said staff will give presentations as well as hand out project lists and maps.

Members of the anti-tax group Not a Penny More will attend some of the sessions “so we can at least ask appropriate questions,” spokesman Michael Letts said.

Richland County staff members are available to provide educational information to community associations, neighborhood organizations and other civic groups. See the county website at, e-mail or call (803) 576-2050.

Irmo Little League: seeking sponsorships

2011 Coaches Pitch Champions: Muckdogs.

After a cold day of evaluations, I’m even more impressed by the volunteers, coaches and parents that keep Irmo Little League running!

Even before JC and Emma started playing t-ball a few years ago, I knew first hand this league and Friarsgate Park was a great asset for our community. It truly is a first-class run organization year-round.

I hope you’ll join me in supporting the league at some level this year!



Irmo Little League family:

** If you have multiple players in the league, you may receive this e-mail multiple times **

As many of you know, the batting cages at Friarsgate Park are being rebuilt. This new structure will be bigger and better than the old unit. There will be three full length batting cages, under a roof with lighting. The completion date is not finalized yet, but we are hopefully to have them ready in time for practices this season.

There are many other efforts that we are looking at doing this year to help improve the park, our facilities and equipment. Many of these projects are made possible by our sponsorship program. Some examples of things done last year were update/improvements to the climate of the concession stand, purchase of a machine to drag the fields, flag poles, softball pitching machine and more.

We are in the middle of our sponsorship program and hope to wrap it up in the next few weeks. We are asking for your help in getting additional sponsors. If you own your own business, we ask you to consider a sponsorship. For the rest of you, we ask that you talk to your employer about supporting your children and our community with a sponsorship. I contacted my employer this year, and they were more than willing to provide a sponsorship. One final opportunity is to participate in our individual program, called Friends of Irmo Little League. This is an opportunity for families to sponsor our league.

This year we will not only be recognizing all of our sponsors, but for all new corporate sponsors that you bring to us this year, you and/or your team will be rewarded also. Simply ask the person sponsoring to include your name so that we know to reward you. For all Friends of Irmo Little League sponsorships, we will be rewarding you also. Please see the details below and have any interested sponsor contact us at

Thank you for helping us in this very important campaign.

Brian Weseman, ILL President

Jeff Rivers, Sponsorship Manager

Corporate Sponsorships

Team Sponsorship ($300) – The companies name will be placed on the back of the team jerseys. Additionally, their logo and a link to their website will be on our website. These need to be in by February 20, 2012. Your reward: Your team will receive two snack tickets per player for the concession stand. That saves you from buying snacks for your team for two games.

Field Sponsorship ($500) – A banner will be placed on the outfield fence of one of our fields. Additionally, their logo and a link to their website will be on our website. Your reward: You will receive a gift certificate for $50 to our concession stand.

Dugout Sponsorship ($750) – A banner will be placed on the outside of one of the dugouts. Additionally, their logo and a link to their website will be on our website. Your reward: You will receive a free registration for one player in the fall 2012 season.

Individual Sponsorship

Friends of Irmo Little League – For a $100 tax-deductible donation to Irmo Little League your family will be recognized as a friend of ILL. You will also receive an ILL merchandise package containing two ILL car magnets, two koozies and two bleacher cushions. Simply send these to us and mark the check as Friends of ILL.

PO Box 1371, Irmo, SC 29063

Irmo Little League Registration this month!

2011 Coaches Pitch Champions: Muckdogs

Even before JC and Emma started playing on the fields of Friarsgate Park , I knew what the park and the Irmo Little League meant to our community.

Prior to my election we’d had no representation on Richland County Recreation Commission . I worked hard to change that my first year in office and was able to gain support from my Richland Delegation colleagues in the State House to approve the appointment of John Ecton to help begin a long overdue focus on Friarsgate Park and the Irmo Little League. Today, Todd Latiff, is our commissioner who continues to do great things for these fields and our kids.

While Friarsgate Park does have other activities, it’s the Irmo Little League that keeps the park going! Numerous parents volunteer their time and talents almost daily to assure the league maintains it’s spot as the “premiere” league in Richland County (as evidenced by our statewide champions and officials umpiring the Little League World Series ).

If you have a boy or girl who wants to learn about baseball/softball as well as the qualities of sportsmanship and teamwork, sign them up for the 2012 spring seasion.

Visit the Irmo Little League’s website to learn more details and, once again, I’ll see you around the ballpark this spring!

From Opening Day 2008