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Road Work Continues: Exit 97 to Peak

Was asked tonight for an update on the (ongoing) issues with 176 (Broad River) and wanted to pass along what SCDOT shared with me earlier this evening:

“Good evening Nathan, we have started with asphalt repairs on Broad River Road. Based on recommendations from our Research & Materials, we h ave begun to tackle the 10 mile stretch up near the Chapin Rd to Newberry County line with our internal forces. The section from Chapin Rd to Ballentine (Chickfila) will require a more extensive reparid and we currently (are) seeking extensions to existing paving contracts in order to complete the repairs this year. We will keep you posted on this as we progress.”

When we finished a 10 hour budget debate today (no breaks), I came home on Exit 97 (which is the Exit I take everyday – but I go left across 26) and filmed the above video with similar comment as this post.

For background on this and other work in the area, you can search Nathans News or click here for a few posts.

Koon Road Bridge Update – NO interchange coming

After fielding many calls, and at request of a constituent, I wanted to get message out there to save y’all some time.

There is NO interchange coming to the Koon Road bridge/location on I26. There will be a REBUILT bridge on Koon Road though.

What you see is DOT removing trees so that we will have 3 lanes (in both directions). A lot of work going on for these changes that are coming. You may also have noticed a lot of work as you head towards Chapin and on to Newberry. There WILL BE new interchanges there as well as rebuilt bridges.

This rather large project is scheduled to be completed in 2024.

Adopt A Highway- Marina Road November 21st

The next Adopt a Highway is Saturday November 21st. We begin at 8:00 am, meeting at First Citizens Bank at the end of Marina Road. Bags, grabbers, and vests will be available. If you have your own, please bring them for your use. Any questions, please call 803-542-2419. The more folks we have helping, the faster the job goes. Last time there were so many that it only took around 30 minutes in total for 2 miles of Marina Road. Thank you.

Zoning request – Connie Wright Road

Richland County Council will vote later this month (October 27) on a request on Connie Wright Road.

Our voice and vote on zoning matters is our local Richland County Councilman, Bill Malinowski.

I did speak with county officials today and I was told that staff and the Planning Commission both voted for a DISAPPROVAL of the request. It’s my belief County Council will also vote that way later this month.

Update on Wessinger Road

Rep Huggins and I share the area around Wessinger and wanted all to know the latest from SCDOT. Like y’all, we are disappointed in the amount of time this project is taking as well as the horrible conditions for all of us during the process.

Below is the very latest from SCDOT on 10/13:

The contractor’s plan to bring in milling equipment and crew is in action this week. They are milling 6 inches into the thick asphalt and this will facilitate being able to effectively reclaim the full depth of the 12″ cement reclamation. The contractor indicates that they expect the cement reclamation to be completed by October 30th and that the final surface on the entire road is expected to be completed by December 1st. Let me know if you would like to have additional information.

Wessinger Road update

Here is the update I received today from SCDOT.

Nathan – Wessinger Road is under contract to be reclaimed and resurfaced from the Richland County line to St. Thomas Church Road, a length of 2.57 miles. The work is to construct a 12” deep cement-modified base and place a temporary surface treatment on each section until the entire length has been reconstructed and the base has sufficiently cured, and then resurface with 2 inches of hot mix asphalt. The contractor had reconstructed the first ½ mile of base, and had to pull off because of some unexpected subgrade issues, primarily on the widened shoulders. It is not unusual for the surface treated reconstructed base to be somewhat rough until the final surface is placed, but in this case, this ½ mile section is more uneven than usual, primarily because of the subgrade issues encountered. The asphalt subcontractor plans to mobilize later this week to mill off the surface of this ½ mile section and place the final surface course. The prime contractor plans to remobilize after Labor Day to resume constructing of the cement-modified base on the remaining 2 miles of Wessinger Road. Please let me know if there are any questions or if additional information is needed.

Robert C. Dickinson, P. E.
District 1 Engineering Administrator

No Parking Signs – Johnson Marina Road

Heading out one day this week, 6 noticeable signs caught my attention along Johnson Marina Road. First thing I thought of was “man, that’s overkill”. I then started thinking….why NOW are there signs up. In the past we’ve seen various vendors in this spot, selling many different items. I don’t recall anyone complaining. There are several spots out in Chapin area where vendors park and make a living. Whether it’s food, art, fireworks, souvenirs….we’ve had them for as long as I can remember. In any event, I decided to see what sparked the signs and got this below from DOT.


Nathan – we had received complaints starting back in July about the unsafe conditions created from ingress and egress to the vendors using that location and SCDOT put in a Work Request to place no parking signs. We placed 6 signs yesterday based on the complaints received over a month ago. It had been reported that people were creating unsafe conditions doing various things, like pulling off JM Road at that location as though they were stopping to see the vendors, and then driving through and exiting onto 76, basically cutting the right turn line. And some were exiting to actually purchase something and then exiting directly onto 76, or cutting across JM to make a left turn onto 76, and other various unsafe maneuvers.

Robert C. Dickinson, P. E.
District 1 Engineering Administrator

DETOUR NOTICE: Rauch Metz Railroad Repair Friday

A few weeks ago, CSX let me know they planned to review their rail lines in our area in September.

Because of some persistent constituents (NextDoor app), CSX moved up their date on at least one crossing: Rauch Metz! Great job! Looks like we’ll need to take Bickley Road until they finish the work. Looks like only one day needed!

UPDATE: Koon Road Bridge opening

Earlier today the SCDOT contacted me to let me know the Koon Road Bridge should be open by July 4th!

Appreciate everyone’s patience!

Update: Koon Road Bridge

Many of you have no doubt been inconvenienced with this closure and I’ve been working with SCDOT for a fix.

This bridge (like many in our area) has been scheduled for a complete rebuilt in the upcoming months (actually next year). Instead of having to wait for that, SCDOT is moving forward with repairs.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t happen overnight. They have saved money with an “in house design” and are currently trying to find a contractor who won’t take advantage of the situation and upcharge a tremendous amount to fix in the next 60-90 days.