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Romney visits Seven Oaks Park

More than 500 members of the community packed Seven Oaks Park on Wednesday to hear GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney share his vision for our country! Representative Huggins and I were pleased to see several Irmo and Chapin Chamber members there as well as several small business owners and families.

This week’s visit marks the second time Romney came to our community during this campaign cycle! Last May he made his first SC visit to my home and our area before gearing up for a campaign that has focused on the main objective for Republicans come November: beating President Obama and fixing our ailing economy.

You don’t fix Washington by electing an insider! Governor Romney has spent his career outside of Washington in private business, creating jobs. In his short time as CEO of the bluest state in the country (Massachusetts), he was able to create surplueses from deficits. He also rescued an Olympics (Salt Lake) that was myred in controversy and scandal. Romney has the business credentials and management skills/style needed to break the gridlock in Washington and restore free-market principles our country was founded upon.

For those reasons and more , Karen and I will be casting our vote this afternoon at Lake Murray Elementary for the next President of the United States, Mitt Romney!

Rep Ballentine introduces Romney

Representative Nathan Ballentine introduces Gov. Mitt Romney at a campaign event in Irmo, SC.

Romney’s visit to North Charleston (Boeing)

It was an honor to again welcome Governor Romney to our state. This time in North Charleston. Joining Governor Romney on his visit today was Governor Tim Pawlenty . After my opening remarks, State Treasurer Curtis Loftis introduced the man I believe will be our next President.

From the Associated Press –

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, fresh from picking up former rival Tim Pawlenty’s endorsement, criticized the Obama administration’s links to organized labor, arguing that a National Labor Relations Board’s complaint against Boeing is White House payback to unions.

Touring the aeronautics giant’s new $750 million plant in South Carolina, Romney drew loud applause from about 60 people in the North Charleston City Council Chambers when he suggested that any stimulus package to boost the economy should include legislation telling the NLRB to drop its Boeing complaint. The package also should block the agency from pursing similar action elsewhere in the country.

The agency has filed a complaint against Boeing alleging that the plant, which opened earlier this summer in North Charleston, was built in violation of labor laws to avoid unionized labor in Washington state. The NLRB claims Boeing opened the new plant to punish Washington state workers for past strikes and wants the company to return the work to Washington.

“It’s an egregious example of political payback where the president is able to pay back the unions for the hundreds of millions of dollars they have put into his campaigns at the expense of American workers,” Romney said.

Read more…

Romney to visit with local business

Tomorrow afternoon, 2008 (and 2012?) Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney will visit face-to-face with local business leaders in our community.

The small gathering will be at Meetze Plumbing where Kevin, Charlene and Calvin have graciously agreed to serve as hosts. On hand will be a handful of community business leaders who will certainly share their concerns and struggles over the past few years as they continue to struggle in this economy.

As a supporter of Governor Romney’s past efforts to improve our country, I’m honored that he chose our community for his first South Carolina stop since announcing his exploratory committee a few weeks ago. It’s not often national figures visit the Irmo, Chapin area and I welcome any that choose to visit our friends and neighbors.

Romney? Huckabee? Rudy? Who knows?

With less than a month to go before Republicans go to the polls in the Palmetto State, I figured I’d write tonight about the contest for the GOP Presidential nomination.

First, I have no idea how this thing will end up. If anyone tells you they know, they’re lying – or just trying to impress you with their prognastication skills.

Most national pundits will tell you it all hinges on the early states and that some candidates are better positioned there than others. Will that momentum carry on to Florida, California, etc? Who knows? Could someone be shutout of the early states but come on strong in the larger ones? Who knows?

How will the votes shift when candidates start withdrawing from the race…after Iowa…after New Hampshire…after South Carolina? (Don’t forget about Michigan.)

What I do know is this: on any given day you see different information from different reports. And there has been alot of movement for almost all the candidates during the past several months.

Using quick google searches, here’s what I’ve found in the early voting states.

On the national level (NBC/Wall Street Journal poll), it appears Rudy’s lead has slipped and now Governor Mitt Romney has tied him for first.

Personally, I don’t give the national polls much weight since the votes in the primary come in on a state-by-state basis and momentum can change quickly if someone falls behind too quick.

In Iowa (the first state to vote), The Washington Post/ABC poll has it down to a two-man contest between Governors Huckabee and Romney – with no other candidate garnering double digits.

In New Hampshire (the next in line), Rasmussen has Romney in the lead with McCain gaining ground after Democrat/Independent Seantor Joe Lieberman endorsed his colleague from Arizona.

Right here at home, there’s conflicting reports but mostly they appear to point to again Governors Huckabee or Romney. Rasmussen has them tied for first while CBS has Huckabee first and Romney second.

As you know, my guy is Romney. He’s been the one that’s been attacked from Day One and so far he’s done very well. Others have surged or fallen but he steadily has impressed voters once they get to know more about him.

How many of you actually had heard of him until the past few months? He didn’t carry the same name-recognition of others but his message is obviously resonating with Americans.

Particularily it seems folks appreciate his tough stance on illegal immigration. Recently, I learned that SC may also be at-risk to having illegal aliens awarded scholarships or in-state tuition and I plan to file legislation to close any loopholes that may exist in current law. (Senator Kevin Bryant and I plan to file companion bills).

For me, several things led me to Governor Romney.

* He’s a proven leader with executive experience.

* He’s not a Washington Insider. He’s a successful businessman who can fix our spending problems.

* He’s a problem solver (Erased Massachusetts’ $3 billion dollar debt and rescued the scandal-plagued Salt Lake Winter Olympics).

* He’s not going to embarrass us (scandals, personal problems, etc).

* He has a vision for a positive future – stronger economy,stronger military, stronger families.

Regardless who you support, please remember to get out and vote next month in either the Republican or Democratic Primaries in SC. Both primaries should have a huge impact on the national landscape and will probably determine our next President.

Nathan endorses Mitt Romney for President

SPECIAL ELECTION: Lexington/Richland School District Five

Everyone knows that I do not endorse locally and stay out of local races. Why? Because local candidates have plenty of opportunity to get their message out, meet with voters, and be seen around town.

I have endorsed statewide and nationally before ( Romney for President , my friend Nikki Haley for Governor , and Rubio for President ) but will always let our community form their own opinions on the men and women right here that should be out hustling for support and spreading the message of why they should earn our vote.

Tonight I did want to be sure that everyone knew important dates relating to the recent vacancy on our School Board.

1) Filing opens – Noon: Friday, July 30, 2021

2) Filing closes – Noon: Monday, August 9, 2021

3) Election Date – Tuesday, October 12, 2021

This is a RICHLAND COUNTY seat up for election so only those in Richland can vote. To check your voter registration, please click here.

Once I hear from the Richland County Elections Office on their staffing and precinct openings, I will certainly pass that information along. It would not surprise me to see precincts voting together at certain locations due to the nature of a special election.

Voter turnout in our community

I voted

Once again the candidate I endorsed , finished second in the State. Would love to see him become the Republican nominee like Romney did 4 years ago; but it appears Donald Trump has all the momentum heading into Super Tuesday. Could it be Trump v. Hillary in November??

As Nathan’s News readers know, I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to fix Richland County’s mistakes years ago that caused a complete nightmare for many in our community – and around the county. While the verdict is still out on how or why that election happened the way it did; I do feel that at least in our area, the improvements were made that I originally outlined in 2012.

I only had two constituents bring up issues this time around. One came around 7:15 while I was actually at Ballentine Park with my F3 brothers . The constituent stopped me (while I had a cinderblock on my shoulder carrying it around the park) and mentioned the workers inside weren’t prepared. Outside of that discussion, the only thing I heard was after the Democratic primary from a constituent who thought we needed more signage to direct voters to the precincts.

Today, I decided to look at the voting in our community at (I looked at Richland County portion of our community. I haven’t looked at the Lexington yet). There are 149 precincts in Richland County. Twenty of those are in House District 71.

On the Republican side, we had 28.34% voter turnout. Of Richland County’s Top 15 highest voter percentage turnout precincts, EIGHT came from our community. Including my home precinct (Springville #2) being the #1 precinct in the County with 42.82% voter turnout! We also had 8 precincts (out of 20) that had 30% or higher turnout and 6 more precincts that had greater than 20% turnout.

On the Demcoratic side, we had 10.04% voter turnout. The highest democratic turnout was in Friarsgate 1 that had 15.24%. In addition to Friarsgate 1, we had 7 other precincts that had higher than 10% turnout in the community.

In total, for both primaries, we had 38.38% of registered voters in our community turnout when you combine the 2,823 democrats from this past Saturday along with the 7,968 Republicans from the week before.

No matter who you supported, I hope you will again come out to the polls in November and hopefully bring a friend who might not have participated in the primaries this month!

State Law Enforcement should investigate Richland County Voting Fiasco

Many voters were genuinely excited about voting in this important election. I was one of the first to endorse Mitt Romney for President in South Carolina, and I think many others shared my excitement about his Presidential campaign and the future of our country. On the other side, President Obama certainly had countless local supporters here in the Palmetto State, and I know they were anxious as well to do their civic duty on November 6.

Unfortunately, instead of proudly casting their votes for President and leader of the free world, voters experienced a nightmare this past Election Day in Richland County. Genuine excitement was dashed by long lines caused by an inadequate number of voting machines and, in many cases, voting machines that worked improperly.

But, how did it get this way? What happened and why?

Senior citizens were asked to stand in line in some cases for four or five hours or more. Many frustrated voters faced with the choice of voting or missing work had to leave the lines and go back to work. Many parents were forced to leave long lines to care for children at home. Citizens were standing in line hours and hours into the night and many enduring freezing cold weather. The sad thing is that this never had to happen.

According to The State Newspaper, the Richland County Election Commission has over 1,000 voting machines at their disposal. State law mandates a voting machine must be available for every 250 registered voters in each precinct. Richland County was the only county in the entire stay to so drastically misallocate voting machines. If the Richland County Election Commission had only followed state law and run the simple math, these problems could have been avoided.

Many voters are convinced this fiasco is a result of some broad conspiracy for special interests to pass the penny sales tax increase. Because I have yet to have my questions answered from last Tuesday afternoon, I cannot answer these concerns for the voters and taxpayers.

Many other local voters feel this was all a result of government bureaucracy and plain incompetence. They point to the high number of machines the County owned combined with the time it takes to do the simple math to ensure each precinct has enough machines, and they conclude that this epic failure is just a sign of the times when government can’t get anything right. I can understand their frustration and sympathize with their concerns but believe we should withhold judgment until we know more facts.

What I do know as fact is at least one of the precincts in my area was seriously under equipped on Tuesday. The voters at Dutch Fork Middle School had only four booths (one of the four wasn’t working). When I spoke directly with the Executive Director of Elections and Voter Registration that afternoon, she told me we had 2,900 registered voters at that precinct. Quickly, I asked her to “do the math”. and she knew we didn’t have sufficient machines. She later sent four additional machines (still below the number required by law); but that was close to 4 p.m. after many voters had gone home or determined they could not wait and meet family obligations. Many told me they expected (and planned) to wait two hours but did not and could not wait four and five hours.

Last year the large Democrat majority on our county delegation was convinced that making changes to the election staff and voter registration staff through consolidation was the most efficient way to proceed. As one of only four Republicans on the delegation, I knew the outcome had already been decided on who the new head of this combined office would be and could not stop that process. Sadly this is how almost every appointment is made in Richland County, by the Democrat majority and with no member of the minority party on the “appointments committee”.

Moving forward as elected officials, it is imperative that we treat this matter seriously and that we investigate it thoroughly. Given the gravity of the situation and the political nature of elections, how can we best get answers for our voters without “politics” getting in the way? The public trust in the voting process must be restored with no prejudice towards parties, candidates, or ballot referendums.

In my opinion, state law enforcement should be given authority to investigate this matter fully, and if it is proven that any laws were broken, responsible parties should be prosecuted and punished. Though many questions still need answers, one thing is for certain – this can never be allowed to happen again. Richland County voters deserve better.

Letter as it appeared in The State



By now, you’re aware that millions of South Carolinians have had their social security numbers and other data compromised due to a “cyber attack” of the SC Department of Revenue computer systems. This is a serious event and I suggest each of you protect you and your children by signing up for the protection services offered by our state.

Next month, the SC House will hold our Reorganizational Session where we go through the process of actually selecting our House desks for the next two years (no, I’m not kidding) and also learn of our committee assignments. I have served on several committees during my four terms in office and hope to add a new one to that list. I have requested to serve on the Labor, Commerce and Industry committee where I can continue to help SC provide a better business climate for existing companies to expand and new companies to relocate to our state!

Presently, I also serve on two House GOP Study Committees: the recently formed Campaigns/Elections Committee (where we plan to soon file a bill to “fix” the ballot mess from 2012) and again for another year on the Tax Study Committee (formed before session last year, where we will continue to find ways to improve our tax structure and also review billions in current sales tax exemptions)

If you, your family, or a group are interested in visiting the State House next year for a tour, please call my office at 734-2969 or contact me here and I’ll be sure to make that happen for you or your group!

I am honored and humbled to soon begin another term representing your family in Columbia. While there will be long lines at our voting precincts Tuesday, please be sure you VOTE for those you want representing you at all levels of government.


Richland County voters have 2 questions on the ballot Tuesday to consider relating to a “penny tax” for transportation needs (wants?). Be sure you read up on those questions so you are prepared and won’t spend more time voting than you need to on a very busy, important day. You can also read a past post from me on this subject by clicking here .

As with every year, the budget (Appropriations Act) will take up most of the session. As I hear more on projected revenues, I’ll share with you. I’m always interested to hear from you regarding where to allocate any new funds. Many prefer we save those while others prefer we fund agencies that have had budgets cut in the past. Some actually mention funding for new programs. Regardless of your preference, please let me know so I can consider all viewpoints.

As I mentioned previously in the September Community Update , look for much debate on the Affordable Care Act. Of course, Tuesday’s election may have a huge impact on that so be sure to watch the returns; not just at the Presidential level but also across the US Senate and US House.


Please keep Chapin Mayor Stan Shealy and his family in your prayers. Today (Sunday), his wife Vicki passed away.

The Ballentine-Dutch Fork Civic Association will hold it’s November meeting Monday night (November 5th) at 6:30pm at Ballentine Park.

A Salute to Eagle Scouts! Being a former Boy Scout and watching JC in Cub Scouts, I see how much of a positive impact scouting has on our young men. If you’re in scouting, this event is a must at the end of the month! I hope you can take your scout and attend this great event! Details here.

Chamber News: Irmo Chamber of Commerce : To see a list of upcoming events click here. . To see upcoming events for the Chapin Chamber of Commerce, click here .

Meet your neighbor : Please be sure to email me news of accomplishments of your friends and neighbors in the community! Previously I would regularly update the website with people I knew around town who were doing great things right here in Irmo, Chapin. I’m willing to help promote their work/cause and simply need you to let me know what’s going on!


While many people say they are only interested in the Presidential Race, politics much closer to home can have an even greater impact on you and our community. Our local School Board has 3 positions on the ballot and there will be 4 names (for 2 spots) on the ballot for Lexington voters to consider and 2 names (for 1 position) on the ballot for Richland voters to consider. I want to remind everyone that I do NOT endorse in our local elections as I feel everyone in the community has sufficient access to the candidates (debates, campaigning door-to-door). To be clear, I do sometimes endorse statewide or nationally because of the lack of access to candidates based on the scale of those races and on a rare occasion, I will support someone running outside our area .

I want to congratulate all our three area high schools for their recent accomplishments:

Chapin Band : 3A State Champions! The Pride of the Midlands marching band from Chapin High School earned the title of 3A State Champion last weekend. This is the first time the Chapin High School Band has won a state championship since 1986. Read more here…

Dutch Fork Football Team : Region 5 AAAA Champions! Irmo Football Team : Region 4 AAAA Champions. Both teams will host first-round playoff games this Friday night! Please show your support for these outstanding student athletes!

Speaking of our high schools, last week I attended the Dedication/Ribbon Cutting for our CATE Center (Center for Advanced Technical Studies) which is already open and sits adjacent to what will be our fourth area high school next fall, Spring Hill High .


Thanks again for the privilege you give me to represent the Irmo/Chapin/Ballentine/Dutch Fork community! If you have events or people you’d like me to share with our community right here through Nathan’s News, please let me know and I’ll do my best to help!

I’m always eager to spend time with you at your Homeowners Association Meetings, Churches, and other civic events in the community! Let me know dates and times and I’ll work to be there!

Nathan Ballentine
House of Representatives, District 71
Richland-Lexington Counties
320B Blatt Building
Columbia, SC 29201