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Marco Rubio coming to Chapin!


Days after a winning performance during the CBS South Carolina debate, my candidate for President will make a stop in our community: Wednesday evening (February 17th). Check back this evening for more details!

UPDATED 3:55 pm
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While polls fluctate often, it’s clear based on the Real Clear Politics averages,that Rubio is on the rise and the Palmetto State should provide a strong showing for him as he continues the fight for the party’s nomination in the weeks and months ahead. It means a lot that he would take time to visit here with us in Chapin, SC during this busy week!


“Thirty-two percent of these debate watchers say Marco Rubio won the debate, beating out Donald Trump (24 percent) and John Kasich (19 percent), who are ranked second and third, respectively. Further down on the list are Ted Cruz (12 percent), Ben Carson (8 percent), and Jeb Bush (5 percent). Marco Rubio is the clear favorite among Republicans, while independents are largely divided between Trump, Kasich, and Rubio.”


Yesterday afternoon in the small town of Easley, SC, more than 2,000 people turned out to hear from Marco Rubio who was joined by SC Rep Neal Collins, and one of our United States Senators Tim Scott and US Representative Trey Gowdy.

rubio crowd

TOMORROW: Marco Rubio in Columbia!

Rubio flag

Last summer, Karen and I made the decision to support US Senator Marco Rubio to be the next President of the United States. We saw then, what voters have seen now: he is the best choice to defeat Hillary (or Bernie Sanders) in November.

Since that time, I’ve been honored to be joined by other conservatives on TeamMarco. Fellow colleagues Todd Atwater (Lexington), Dan Hamilton (Greenville), Neal Collins (Pickens) as well as staunch conservative Senator Larry Grooms (Berkeley and Charleston).

Recently, US Senator Tim Scott and US House Rep. Trey Gowdy also joined the team.

We hope you’ll join as well. If you have not yet made up your mind, or even if you want to see and learn more about Marco, come join us TOMORROW in the Vista. To Nathan’s News readers in other parts of the state, here’s a list of other events as he comes to the Palmetto State to win your support!


Please join Marco Rubio and Congressman Trey Gowdy for a Rally on February 10th! Senator Rubio will deliver remarks and share his vision for A New American Century.

DOORS OPEN at 2:15 PM and the EVENT BEGINS at 3:00 PM.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM (EST) – Add to Calendar
Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center | Richland Room (Lower Level) – 1101 Lincoln St. Columbia, SC 29201

Each guest is required to RSVP for ALL Marco Rubio for President Events, including all adults over age 12. Each attendee must complete registration separately. If you are unable to RSVP via Eventbrite , onsite registration will be available (pending venue capacity) at the door. If you have any questions contact your local Marco Rubio for President campaign office or email

SPECIAL ELECTION: Lexington/Richland School District Five

Everyone knows that I do not endorse locally and stay out of local races. Why? Because local candidates have plenty of opportunity to get their message out, meet with voters, and be seen around town.

I have endorsed statewide and nationally before ( Romney for President , my friend Nikki Haley for Governor , and Rubio for President ) but will always let our community form their own opinions on the men and women right here that should be out hustling for support and spreading the message of why they should earn our vote.

Tonight I did want to be sure that everyone knew important dates relating to the recent vacancy on our School Board.

1) Filing opens – Noon: Friday, July 30, 2021

2) Filing closes – Noon: Monday, August 9, 2021

3) Election Date – Tuesday, October 12, 2021

This is a RICHLAND COUNTY seat up for election so only those in Richland can vote. To check your voter registration, please click here.

Once I hear from the Richland County Elections Office on their staffing and precinct openings, I will certainly pass that information along. It would not surprise me to see precincts voting together at certain locations due to the nature of a special election.

Voter turnout in our community

I voted

Once again the candidate I endorsed , finished second in the State. Would love to see him become the Republican nominee like Romney did 4 years ago; but it appears Donald Trump has all the momentum heading into Super Tuesday. Could it be Trump v. Hillary in November??

As Nathan’s News readers know, I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to fix Richland County’s mistakes years ago that caused a complete nightmare for many in our community – and around the county. While the verdict is still out on how or why that election happened the way it did; I do feel that at least in our area, the improvements were made that I originally outlined in 2012.

I only had two constituents bring up issues this time around. One came around 7:15 while I was actually at Ballentine Park with my F3 brothers . The constituent stopped me (while I had a cinderblock on my shoulder carrying it around the park) and mentioned the workers inside weren’t prepared. Outside of that discussion, the only thing I heard was after the Democratic primary from a constituent who thought we needed more signage to direct voters to the precincts.

Today, I decided to look at the voting in our community at (I looked at Richland County portion of our community. I haven’t looked at the Lexington yet). There are 149 precincts in Richland County. Twenty of those are in House District 71.

On the Republican side, we had 28.34% voter turnout. Of Richland County’s Top 15 highest voter percentage turnout precincts, EIGHT came from our community. Including my home precinct (Springville #2) being the #1 precinct in the County with 42.82% voter turnout! We also had 8 precincts (out of 20) that had 30% or higher turnout and 6 more precincts that had greater than 20% turnout.

On the Demcoratic side, we had 10.04% voter turnout. The highest democratic turnout was in Friarsgate 1 that had 15.24%. In addition to Friarsgate 1, we had 7 other precincts that had higher than 10% turnout in the community.

In total, for both primaries, we had 38.38% of registered voters in our community turnout when you combine the 2,823 democrats from this past Saturday along with the 7,968 Republicans from the week before.

No matter who you supported, I hope you will again come out to the polls in November and hopefully bring a friend who might not have participated in the primaries this month!