Meet Nathan


Summer 2010
Nathan Ballentine was born in Richland County and, for almost two decades, has chosen to work, live, and raise his family in our community. As Nathan and his wife Karen raise their children, they are committed to protecting the values that have given our community the quality-of-life that is among the best anywhere.

Before his election to the South Carolina House of Representatives in 2004, Nathan had been involved with and supported numerous community groups such as the Lake Murray/Irmo Rotary, various home owners associations, the District Five Government Relations Committee and the Community Leadership Council, and the Northwest YMCA Advisory Council.  He continues his membership in several organizations and often lends a hand to the civic organizations in our area.

Nathan quickly got to work for our state when he was elected Vice Chairman of the Medical, Military, Public and Municipal Affairs committee during his freshman year. He worked tirelessly to get the first bill he filed to become law. In just three short months, H.3741 became law and our state (and senior citizens in particular) soon benefitted from an increased focus on geriatric medicine.

In just his 2nd year in office, Nathan again focused on healthcare; this time focusing on our young autistic children. Even though H.4351 ultimately died in the Senate; Nathan’s hard work enabled similar legislation to pass the following year.

His re-election provided an opportunity to push fiscal issues that led to the passage of H.3008 (reduced tax burden on non-profits) and a  House Rule change banning hidden earmarks.

In 2008, Nathan continued his work with then-Representative Nikki Haley to push for more accountability with On-The-Record Voting. The bill ultimately died in the Senate but not before the House made a rule change and passed the bill with no dissenting votes. Finally at the end of the 2010 session, Nathan’s Campaign Finance Disclosure Bill became law and now provides even more sunshine into the money behind state politics in South Carolina.

After serving as Chairman of the House Agricutural and Natural Resources Regulations Committee for two years (2011-2012), he was appointed to serve on the House Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee in 2013.

During his time in office, Nathan has also served on the Education and Public Works Committee, the House Ethics Committee, the Joint Transportation Review Screening Committee, the House Comprehensive Tax Reform Study Committee, and has been named a Friend of the Taxpayer and Taxpayer Hero numerous times! Nathan regularly receives high grades from the SC Chamber of Commerce, SC Club for Growth and NRA, as well as other business and industry groups and the Conservation Voters of South Carolina.

Family – Nathan and his wife Karen are actively involved in Riverland Hills Baptist Church; he has a step-daughter, Sarah (20), son J.C. (13), and daughter Emma (12).

Business and Professional – After a 22 year career with the same company since graduating from the University of South Carolina in December, 1992, Nathan joined Movement Mortgage as a Market Leader in the Midlands on June 10, 2015.

Did you know? For years, Nathan returned his legislative salary to local community groups and organizations and in 2006 designated funds specifically to scholarships for deserving seniors in our community. Once Sarah got to high school, Nathan made the decision to stop his scholarship funding to avoid any “conflict of interest” but continues to support charities, organization, and even church planting in Belize Click here for a partial list.