Most recent update on Johnson Marina Road

Received this morning from the SC Department of Transportation.

NOTE: No update from Lowman Home about the abandonment process.

* * *

In addition to the markings on the original plan sheet we will be adding:

· Two left turn arrows and “Only” markings to the left turn lane off of US 76.

· Left and Right turn arrows on Johnson Marina Rd.

· White Skip markings to delineate the beginning of the left turn lane off of US 76.

· White Skip markings at the end of the small turn lane on Johnson marina to help delineate this turn lane better.

Any of the indicated markings that are not already in place will be added. The arrow’s along with the final pavement markings are currently scheduled to go down this coming Monday and Tuesday nights. We have a small bit of corrective work to correct the tapered median for the left turning movement off of Johnson Marina onto Hwy 76.

* * *

Rep. Nathan Ballentine recognized with Green Tie Award

Rep. Nathan Ballentine was born in Richland County, graduated from the University of South Carolina, and has worked, lived, and raised his family in the Irmo/Chapin area of the Midlands for almost three decades.

Rep. Ballentine has served his community in the SC House since 2005, first running as a CVSC- endorsed candidate focused on restoring funding to the South Carolina Conservation Bank. Over his 7 terms in the House, Ballentine has built a reputation as a conservative leader who relies on common-sense values to improve his community and its quality of life.

Over his House tenure, Ballentine has earned an 82% lifetime score on the CVSC Conservation Scorecard. He has consistently supported land protection efforts like the Conservation Bank and worked to advance a clean energy future for our state. Ballentine formerly served on the Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee where he was a champion for increased energy competition and clean energy. He now sits on the influential Ways & Means Committee.

In the wake of the VC Summer failure, Ballentine helped to form the bipartisan South Carolina Energy Caucus and currently serves as one of its Co-Chairs. In this role, he facilitated multiple briefings in 2018 and 2019 on clean energy legislation and aided in the passage of the Energy Freedom Act. As both a cosponsor of the Energy Freedom Act and tireless champion for clean energy, Ballentine has worked with his fellow conservatives to build a strong, pro-solar majority in the South Carolina House. He quietly works behind the scenes in the Republican caucus to ensure that conservation continues to have strong conservative support, reminding his colleagues that conservation is a bipartisan South Carolina value.

To read more, click here.

Need your feedback and advice

** For those constituents that post feedback and advice below before Thursday, September 5th at 3pm, you will be entered in a drawing to win 4 FREE lower deck tickets to this weekend’s Gamecocks v. Charleston Southern game. We have a family obligation and won’t be able to attend. I thought this might be a good way to let others in our community who may not get to go to games to have a chance. Just let me know what’s on your mind below and after 3pm Thursday, I’ll randomly draw a winner and contact you! **

It’s September, and while the SC General Assembly isn’t in session, each of us continues to work at our “part-time job”. I could argue it’s actually an “all-the-time job” but I love what I do, so I’m not complaining.

Good representatives stay in touch with their constituents year-round (not just at election time) and it’s often the feedback during these times that help us craft legislation to improve our state. Whether it be education, healthcare, energy, law enforcement, or other areas important to our quality of life; there are many of you out there with the experience and expertise to provide solutions to real problems we face every day.

Consider this a challenge to reach out to me (or your House Rep / Senator ) and share your idea and solution. While I won’t be able to lead on every issue, I can share with colleagues and hopefully you may one day see your idea become a solution that helps others!

You can email me at or contact me here! Please provide a phone number that I can use or give to staff to follow up in the coming weeks.

Thank you in advance.

COMMUNITY COOKOUT was a huge success – thank you!

The temp and humidity made it feel like 100+ degrees, but that didn’t stop everyone from meeting and mingling with local, state, and national leaders right here in our community!

Special thanks to Christina and Mark Woody who opened up there home again for this event.

Thanks also to Alex Salmon Photography for the video he put together which I feel captures the night and to Sam Holland for his wonderful photos .

For those that could not make it, this is a regular event I give to the community every other year. It started before I was first elected and continues to grow every year. I’ve enjoyed meeting new voters and bringing new officials for y’all to speak with in a casual setting. Too many times voters/constituents feel their elected officials aren’t accessible to them. This night is just one way for people to see their leaders not in the “stuffiness of coat/tie, board rooms, etc” but instead, right here on the shores of Lake Murray.

You can find information and videos of past cookouts here .

Thanks to almost 20 officials (all, who represent our area) who took time to be there for me/you!

US Senator Lindsey Graham
SC Governor Henry McMaster
SC Lt. Governor Pamela Evette
SC Senator Dick Harpootlian
SC House Representative Chip Huggins
Chapin Mayor David Knight
Chapin Town Councilman Leland Teal
Irmo Mayor Hardy King
Irmo Town Councilman Barry Walker
Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott
Lexington County Councilmwoman Erin Long Bergeson
School District Five Superintendent Dr. Christina Melton
School District Five Board Chairman Robert Gantt
School District Five Board Members Jan Hammond and Ken Loveless

UPDATE: Johnson Marina Road project

After more than a year and a half (scroll thru articles after clicking) of seeing the “orange trashcans”, residents around Johnson Marina Road will soon see the project completed.

Next week, I’ll be speaking with the Lowman Home to see the status of their request to have Lowman Home Barn Road and Reformation Road “abandoned” by SCDOT so that they can close those streets for the safety and plans they have for their campus. As you can see below, if that does happen, I have worked with SCDOT to ensure we have a traffic signal so that we can “get out” from the area. Like many of you, I “cut through” Lowman Home multiple times every day going to schools or the Chapin area. Having a traffic light will be a huge help to turn left (and, frankly, turn right) if we no longer have access through Lowman Home’s campus.


Representative Ballentine – After the sewer-line was completed we set a new projected completion date of September 30th. That being said, the contractor has elected to use a jack and bore method for installing the required crossline under US 76. This will both expedite the project and minimize our impact on traffic. Right now the contractor is forecasting to be complete by the second week of September, ~ September 13th.

The September dates do not include the installation of a traffic signal because a signal is not warranted with the current traffic volumes and is not included in the construction contract. We projected the traffic volumes turning left from Johnson Marina Road onto US 76 after closing the roads through Lowman Homes, if that happens. The traffic volume is projected to be high enough to warrant a signal. SCDOT is prepared to install a signal quickly if the decision is made by Lowman Homes to move ahead with the closure and upon indication that the court will approve. If a signal is warranted after completion of the intersection project without closing of roads through Lowman Homes, SCDOT will move quickly to install.


Adopt-A-Highway – Marina Road August 24th

Email received from the Ballentine Civic Association:

Reminder: Saturday, August 24th 7:30 am Marina Road clean up. All who are willing to participate, please meet at the First Citizens Bank at the end of Marina Road. You will receive trash bags, pickers and vests. If you have your own pickers and vests, please bring them so there will be more to go around. The more people we have involved, the faster it will go.

Thanks to all for your cooperation. Marina Road has been adopted by the
Ballentine Civic Association


Chapin Chamber of Commerce Luncheon: September 19

Member Luncheon hosted by Prisma Health

Date: September 19, 2019
Time: 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM EDT
Location: Mt. Horeb Church – 101 E Boundary Street, Chapin
Email April Robinson with questions at
Fees/Admission: Registration is required and is free for Chapin Chamber Members. Non-members pay $10.00.

Event Description: Please join us for our September Member Luncheon to be held at Mt. Horeb Church here in Chapin. This luncheon will be hosted by Prisma Health and Dawn Hunt, breast cancer survivor and chair of the 2019 Walk for Like and Famously Hot Pink Half Marathon, 5K & 10K will be our speaker.

Chapin Labor Day Festival

For the first time I can remember, my family won’t be see you along the parade route; but there will be hundreds of other entries and thousands of friends and neighbors for you to see in downtown Chapin on Labor Day Weekend!

Saturday, August 31
Justin Pepper 5K: Walk, Run, Ruck 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Saturday night concert on Beaufort Street benefiting We Care at 7 pm featuring Tokyo Jo.

Sunday, September 1
Concert on Beaufort Street featuring Noel Lindler and the Bank Walkers party starts at 7 pm.
Bring your lawn chairs, but no coolers allowed

Monday, September 2
Labor Day Parade begins at 9:30 am (Streets close at 9 am) at GIS parking lot (912 Chapin Road) and travels to St. Peters Church Road
Classic Car Show in the Mt. Horeb parking lot of Beaufort Street presented by Columbia Classic Chevy Club.
Over 130 Vendors with Children’s Play Area and three bounce houses.
Chapin Library Book Sale immediately following the parade at Town Hall. Sale ends at 2:00 pm.
AMROC Model Train Exhibit held in the American Legion Post 193 Building.

14th Annual Irmo Community Prayer Breakfast

Still cannot believe it was 13 years ago when Chip and I first felt led to put this event on for the Irmo Community. God continues to bless this area and we know everyone looks forward to this annual event as the “unofficial kickoff to the Okra Strut”.

Hope you’ll join us again this year at our host church, St. Andrews Presbyterian. Please RSVP and let Desiree know if you’d like to sponsor a table for your group or organization!

This year we will have a mother and daughter share their moving testimony.

Tammy Maier-Scher, a native of Irmo, SC grew up attending Our Lady of the Hills Catholic Church and was confirmed there as a teenager. After marrying her high school boyfriend Chuck Maier she attended River Hills Baptist Church where she found herself spiritually led to becoming saved January 1989. Three months pregnant at that time, Tammy felt all the joy and fulfillment a person has when The Lord comes into their heart.

Three months later Tammy found herself deathly sick with a rare blood disorder just 25weeks into her pregnancy. An emergency delivery of the baby saved Tammy’s life but not without creating an enormous struggle for the infant, (named Brittany) who was diagnosed both blind and autistic.

Despite her limitations, at the age of six Brittany was blessed with a God-given gift of music which prompted Tammy and Brittany to begin a journey of life together that led Brittany to becoming the leading savant pianist in the world and whose story won a national Emmy award with WLTX-TV19 in 2001. Having shared Brittany’s miraculous story with millions over two decades, Tammy finds it to be her mission to share God’s gift of Brittany with all who feel His love and power through her.

Brittany Maier was born in April of 1989. Premature by four months, she weighed a pound and five ounces. Even though she was diagnosed blind, autistic, and mentally disabled, Brittany Maier’s amazing musical talent surfaced when she began playing Schubert’s Ave Maria on a toy piano at age six. Able to duplicate a song after having just heard it a few times, Brittany Maier memorized music with no limit to style, instrument, or language it was recorded in. At age ten, after receiving formal music instruction at The University of South Carolina’s School of Music, Brittany began composing her own original songs and she released her first album “20/20” when she was just twelve years old

In 2005, Brittany Maier moved to New York where her talent found a larger audience through television appearances on Dateline NBC, Paula Zahn – Now! and the Montel Williams show. She performed as a guest of honor at Governor and Mrs. Pataki’s Annual Prayer Breakfast, has entertained a crowd of fifty-five thousand Met fans at Shea Stadium, has been welcomed in a countless number of houses of God by religions of all denominations and origins and was recently privileged to grace the hallowed and prestigious stage of Carnegie Hall.

Brittany Maier’s second CD, titled “A World of My Own,” was released through Barnes & Noble stores nationwide in America in 2006. In 2007 her music grew to a worldwide audience when she appeared on German television for Die Show Der Merkwurdigkeiten (“Show of Miracles”). Headlines from newspapers called her “A Gift from God” and “A Musical Miracle” and those thoughts are echoed daily by her fans.

Brittany Maier performs nationally for charitable organizations that raise awareness for autism and many other special needs causes.

The New York Daily News wrote of her: “Brittany is a brilliant testimony to God’s gracious, miraculous presence among us,” then cited her as “perhaps the leading female musical savant in the world.” Dr. Scott Price, from USC’s School of Music stated to Dateline of Brittany’s skills, “To find all of those qualities housed in one person…we start listing names like Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt…”And the opinion of Dr. Darold Treffert, leading and world renown specialist on savants who says “Brittany fits the spectacular, rare, musical genius seen in prodigious savants,” and cites that there are only twenty people in the world with talent such as hers.

Inspiring millions around the world without saying a word, Brittany’s life is meaningful, purposeful and divinely directed. Brittany enlightens people that they can overcome any obstacles in life they are presented with and still pursue their dream. Where her talent will take her, or what greatness she will achieve, no one knows. There is no stopping the power of God, which works its way through and around her, illuminating every audience she reaches. Brittany penetrates the soul, mesmerizes the mind and captures the heart through her music.

For more about past breakfasts (some with video footage), click here .

2018 Riverland Hills Baptist – speaker Jose Alvarez, retired Atlanta Braves Pitcher, FCA
2017 River Springs Church – speaker Dr. Wendell Estep, retired First Baptist Church of Columbia
2016 Union United Methodist Church – speaker Marcus Lattimore
2015 St. Paul AME Church – speaker in memory of Senator Clementa Pinckney
2014 Gateway Baptist Church – speaker Chris Joye
2013 St. Andrews Presbyterian – speaker Shelley Bryson King, Miss South Carolina 2006
2012 Riverland Hills Baptist – Jim “Soni” Sonefeld – member Hootie and the Blowfish
2011 Seven Oaks Presbyterian – Steve Arnold, operator Chick-fil-A Ballentine
2010 First Baptist of Irmo -speaker Adrian Despres, chaplain USC football team
2009 St. Mary’s Episcopal – speaker Eddie Walker, then principal of Irmo High School
2008 Gateway Baptist – speaker Jeff Davis, former Clemson football player
2007 St. Andrews Presbyterian – speaker A.V Strong, director A Better Way, Project Gang Out
2006 Riverland Hills Baptist – speaker Bob McAlister, McAlister Communications

District Five Back to School Bash: August 19