House Floor: Rep. Chip Huggins says goodbye!

House Floor: Save Women’s Sports

End of Session – Major Legislation Pending

With just a few weeks left in this final year of the 2 year session, there are bills that either will become law or they will die.

Would love your feedback on any that interest you.

The ones mentioned in the video are some that are getting the most attention.

Chapin student cleaning up around town

If you’re like me, you may have missed this story recently about a local high school student pitching in to clean up the roads and neighborhoods in our community.

Last night, I just happened to see her and her mom on the side of the road; so I stopped to learn what they were doing.

I’m donating to her today and hope you will, too (click here)!

Here’s more on her story from WLTX:

CHAPIN, S.C. — Morgan Murphy is a sophomore at Chapin High School, raising money to go to Europe by cleaning up her community.

“I thought that it would be a good idea to have a fundraiser… I could pick up the trash, help the community and hopefully get a few dollars,” Murphy said.

The teen is raising money for a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) field trip that her high school takes annually during Spring Break.

Next year, the school plans to travel to Europe to show students medical practices that were used in Scotland, France, and England. To raise enough money to go on the European trip, Murphy is cleaning up trash in exchange for donations to her travel funds.

“I’ve gotten a couple donations that were $100, some were $25,” Murphy said excitedly. “People are really into this.”

Residents in Chapin are keeping track of Murphy’s efforts on Facebook and donating money to her trip once trash is picked up from around their neighborhood.

Morgan’s mom, Rebecca Murphy, says her family has never seen this much litter before.

“Our family has actually moved four times. This is the first state that we’ve experienced this much trash on the sides of the roads,” her mother explained.

Morgan started collecting trash for her fundraiser two weeks ago, and so far, she has picked up 40 bags of trash along Three Dog, Dutch Fork, and Hiller Road. Murphy goes out and cleans up trash when she’s not at school or work, which isn’t a typical activity for teens her age.

“I’m super proud of her having the initiative,” her mother, Rebecca, said. “She didn’t come to us to ask us for money.”

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, South Carolina does not have a Bottle Bill that refunds the value of the container. However, it is free to sign up to become a ‘Litter Champion’ in Lexington County and you receive bags, gloves, a safety vest, and a trash grabber.

People, Not Politics (2022)

Later this month, I’ll file paperwork to run again in hopes of serving your family in Columbia. From the beginning our campaign, and how I serve, has been about People, Not Politics.

I can still remember the men, women, kids (and dogs!) I met during our first campaign in 2004. Knocking on more than 3,000 doors gave me a very good insight to what’s important to the people here in the Irmo/Chapin/Dutch Fork area. None of the “political insiders” gave us a chance back then – but y’all rallied around our message and on June 8, 2004 chose me as your Republican nominee for SC House District 71.

Since then, we’ve had two other primaries in 2016 (84%-16%) and again in 2018 (70%-25%-5%) . In 2020 we had a general election (65%-32%-3%).

I don’t take for granted your support and hopefully earn that daily with my service to our community.

In the weeks ahead, I’ll share some endorsements . The one that matters most though comes from y’all!

Thank you for the honor and privilege to serve in the South Carolina General Assembly! Anytime I can be of service to you or your family, email me at or call me at the office (803) 734-2969 or at home (803) 834-4613.

Infrastructure Improvements

By now, you’ve seen many projects in the works in and around our community.

If you follow Nathans News, you’ve read about many of these over the past several months and years.

If you have any questions, always give me a call 734-2969 or email me at

Please let me know if you are not receiving my regular COMMUNITY UPDATE email that goes out to our community almost every single month!

From the House Floor – Congressional District Lines

From the House Floor – Vaccine Mandate Update

Behind the Scenes: State House Office

This week I stopped in my State House Office and realized I haven’t had many visitors due to Covid in the last year or so. Not much of a tour, but wanted you to share for any curious. We aren’t back in session until January, so looks like I won’t see anyone here until then – but, as always, call me (803-734-2969) or email me anytime at

I’ve shared a few behind the scenes before; but never here at the office. It hasn’t changed much (if any) over the years.

If you ever want to stop in, please call ahead of time. I’d hate for you to just show up and I not be there. Honestly, I’m rarely in that office. Between my paying job and family, I spend more time at my home office than my State House Office. I usually stop in before or after committee meetings; but that’s about it. Most the time I pull into the garage 15 minutes before session starts inside the Chamber and then head out right afterwards.

I used to stick around years ago for receptions and things like that; but living nearby – I prefer to be at home instead. If you work for any of the groups hosting a reception, always call me and I can meet you there – otherwise I pass.

Want you to also know that State House tours are open again. If your family/friends, church group, civic group would like to take a tour, please call my office (803-734-2969) and we can help arrange that as well. These tours are FREE.

Hopefully next year, we can have visitors again inside the chambers. I know many of our local state championship teams have missed not being able to come downtown for their special moment of recognition. Over the years, Rep Huggins and I have hosted many champions from Chapin, Dutch Fork and Irmo. #PrideIn5

Please call me (or June!) anytime 803-734-2969 OR you can email me at – but PLEASE put the word CONSTITUENT in the subject line. Those emails stand out over the thousands of others across the state we receive regularly.

Thanks again for the honor to serve you in Columbia!

Floor Debate: Protecting Taxpayers and Our Natural Resources

Apologies for the video and audio delay.

Sharing some debate from the house floor over a new industry looking to come into our state.

As you’ll see, I support the efforts of this industry but not at the expense of tax payers or our environment.

My amendment passed 61-51 and the bill was sent back to the Senate.

UPDATED: Just two days after this floor debate, one of these facilities had an issue . Like I shared during the debate “stuff happens” no matter how well intentioned or prepared they may think they are. This is another example of why the amendment was needed.