Dine-in eating is back!

How hard has the economy been hit?

Congress already spent $2.5 TRILLION and will soon spend another $2 TRILLION to keep the economy afloat. Just how big are those numbers? I share in video below.

More help with unemployment requests

DEW ran a comparison of initial claims during the Great Recession vs. the COVID-19 Pandemic. At the peak of the Great Recession, the largest week for initial claims was in April of 2008, with 13,848 initial claims filed. The recent peak was 87,686 claims in a one-week period

Accelerate SC

Chapin Chamber (Zoom) Town Hall

Rep Huggins and I were invited by Rebecca Hines, President & CEO of the Greater Chapin Chamber of Commerce, to join others in a Virtual Town Hall yesterday.

I’ve had many zoom calls during the past few weeks and this was certainly a good one with members of the Chapin community!

Staying positive in a pandemic

The world has definitely changed (for how long?). You may not be able to do things the way you’ve always done them; but you can still do most of those things!

Stay safe and getĀ outside #LakeMurray

Plenty of space for social distancing on the Jewel of South Carolina, Lake Murray – more than 50,000 acres with 500 miles of shoreline and over 75 square miles!

Support Local Small Business

Most of y’all know I eat a lot of fast food. Often. At least twice a day – if not three times.

For those that don’t, you may not be aware that we have many small businesses (food service) still open and trying to make it through this mess.

Today, Isaac (Silver Fox Grille) shared that he had to shut down breakfast and was going to have to let staff go – but he made decision to try to find them hours during lunch so they wouldn’t go broke.

That’s the harsh reality many small businesses are facing – and not just food service.

Keep that in mind and, if you can, support local business!

Stay safe and let me know if I can help you with any state agency during this time. See earlier posts about COVID19 on this site (www.nathansnews.com)

COMMUNITY COOKOUT was a huge success – thank you!

The temp and humidity made it feel like 100+ degrees, but that didn’t stop everyone from meeting and mingling with local, state, and national leaders right here in our community!

Special thanks to Christina and Mark Woody who opened up there home again for this event.

Thanks also to Alex Salmon Photography for the video he put together which I feel captures the night and to Sam Holland for his wonderful photos .

For those that could not make it, this is a regular event I give to the community every other year. It started before I was first elected and continues to grow every year. I’ve enjoyed meeting new voters and bringing new officials for y’all to speak with in a casual setting. Too many times voters/constituents feel their elected officials aren’t accessible to them. This night is just one way for people to see their leaders not in the “stuffiness of coat/tie, board rooms, etc” but instead, right here on the shores of Lake Murray.

You can find information and videos of past cookouts here .

Thanks to almost 20 officials (all, who represent our area) who took time to be there for me/you!

US Senator Lindsey Graham
SC Governor Henry McMaster
SC Lt. Governor Pamela Evette
SC Senator Dick Harpootlian
SC House Representative Chip Huggins
Chapin Mayor David Knight
Chapin Town Councilman Leland Teal
Irmo Mayor Hardy King
Irmo Town Councilman Barry Walker
Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott
Lexington County Councilmwoman Erin Long Bergeson
School District Five Superintendent Dr. Christina Melton
School District Five Board Chairman Robert Gantt
School District Five Board Members Jan Hammond and Ken Loveless

The People’s House – getting involved

I had the privilege today to speak on behalf of not only 3,000 SC residents working in the solar field; but also for the millions of others in our state who are tired of the control utilities have on our energy policies and options.

Today reminded me of earlier battles I’ve been honored to help lead: On The Record Voting , Insurance Coverage for Autistic Children to name a few. In all those instances, it’s been the people OUTSIDE THE CHAMBERS speaking up, getting involved, and helping pave the way for the legislators to have the courage to vote for change – for the little guy – and not the status quo. Today was a good day.

We all know how the utilities completely mismanaged (nicest word I can use) the VC Summer project and how millions are left paying for something that will never benefit them. Those same utilities are now fighting to keep our state from offering ways to lower our citizens’ power bills thru the use of solar energy. Their greed is astounding. Those same opponents are also jeopardizing another 3,000 jobs in our state if the SC General Assembly does not remove the artificial cap from that bill over 4 years ago – a miniscule 2% was all that we could get passed back then. Today, the utilities admit that the 2% cap will be reached in the months ahead or by the end of the year at the latest. If no action is taken, more jobs will be lost and one of the few options ratepayers have in our monopolistic market will be gone.

Four years ago , the General Assembly unanimously passed a bill paving the way for SC to quickly become a leader in solar energy growth. This week we have a chance to continue that growth – and do so with bipartisan support. As noted conservative Erick Erickson shared earlier this year , “Liberals have dominated the clean-energy conversation for a while. They define conservatives as being dirty polluters. Now, conservatives are not only claiming the high ground in the clean-energy fight but also proving the free market can sort out even this issue without overregulation and subsidization.”

I look forward to the debate later this week. I’m used to fighting uphill battles for the little-guy. I’m used to putting People above Politics. With the help of those workers today making their voice heard, we can make a difference for our state – a difference in keeping and growing jobs and in keeping our state moving forward with lower cost energy options for our ratepayers.

If you haven’t contacted your Representative yet; please do so. Let him/her know you oppose H.5045 (pro-utility bill filed March 1st and miraculously made it to House Floor 5 days later). Let them know you support H.4421!