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Now you’ve got people’s attention!

At my swearing-in ceremony six years ago, I remember one seasoned-politician telling me “get ready for pothole duty, son”. I didn’t think he was serious but soon found out that ROADS are high on the list of what most people would like to see “fixed”. Think about it. Everyone rides on roads to get somewhere and so, of course, experiencing/seeing that day-in and day-out they tend to pick up the phone, email their suggestions or concerns much more often than something like restructuring-state agencies or whether SC should have a two-fish catch limit on one species instead of a three-catch limit.

I quickly found a few posts (links below) about roads here on the website and can’t name the numerous other times I’ve worked with constituents, the DOT, Richland and Lexington counties, developers, churches and businesses to get things “fixed”.

Now, the SC Department of Transportation has made it much easier for you to contact them directly!

Let me prepare you, like most things in state government this year, the financial resources simply aren’t there to fix everything that everyone wants. Even seeing multiple accidents at intersections or lengthy delays, the resources (financial and otherwise) can’t get the ‘fix’ everyone needs/wants can even get done.

That being said, when you’re out and about and see something you think should be addressed, here’s where you can go straight to the agency yourself: SCDOT WORK REQUEST

A few posts about roads in the area:

List of some improvements a few years back

Hollingshed/Kennerly Road

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Kennerly Road/Coogler Road

Community wide roads

DOT Screening Committee

Contact our County Councilman: Road Tax (Yes? No?)

I received the following email from our County Councilman, Bill Malinowski, this week and I wanted to share with you. Please take the time to let him know your thoughts and opinions.


Richland County Council must decide if a one percent tax should be put on the November ballot for voters to decide. This one percent tax would be with us for 8 years and raise $521.48 million for transportation to include:

1. Bicycle, Greenways and Pedestrian Modes ($67.5 million)
2. Vehicular Traffic Improvements/Roads ($303.5 million)
3. Public Transit and Transit-Oriented Development. ($185 million)

The actual analysis was done for a 25 year plan and this would only be the first phase of three if voters continue to keep it in place.

I asked the question at council during the work session this week, “How many miles of dirt roads will be paved in Richland County with the $15 million set aside for that project?” No one could give me an answer, but they could give me exactly how many miles of bike paths, foot paths and sidewalks would be done.

There is $42 million slated for our District 1 during the 8 years. The projects that would consume those funds would be widening of Rte. 176 from Royal Tower in Irmo to the Peak interchange at I-26, a restructuring of the Coogler/Kennerly Road intersection at Ascot and additional turn lanes and road work at Broad River/Kennerly and Kinley. The Rte 176 construction would create 5 lanes, bike paths and sidewalks the entire length. Plus whatever small part of the dirt road paving we may get.

I would like to have as much input as possible from all constituents in order to determine if we should put this matter on the ballot or not.

Please contact as many people as possible and provide me with input, or have them contact me as soon as possible.

Thank you for your assistance and input in this matter.

Bill Malinowski

SCDOT – Thank you from House District 71!

Much has been written about the South Carolina Department of Transportation over the past few years.

Yes, I do believe we’ve made some improvements through “DOT Reform” passed last year; however, until those guys get the funding they need, they are pretty much just putting bandaids on broken bones throughout our state.In the past, you may recall I included a section on ROADS in my monthly COMMUNITY UPDATES. I soon learned it was that section that everyone paid attention to and the feedback I received led to several improvements in our area. Because of limited space on the updates (and the enormous amount of work getting done here), I had to remove ROADS about a year ago; but obviously remained in contact with the DOT.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that in just the past three years we’ve had much to be thankful for in our area in terms of improved roads, signals, and intersections. I recently asked the DOT to provide me a list so that we can see all that’s been done in a relatively short time.

Since January 2005, our community has had over 90 miles of road either repatched, resurfaced, or improved (shoulders, widening, sidewalks, signals, signs, etc).

Here are some highlights: [Read more…]