UPDATE: Johnson Marina Road project

After more than a year and a half (scroll thru articles after clicking) of seeing the “orange trashcans”, residents around Johnson Marina Road will soon see the project completed.

Next week, I’ll be speaking with the Lowman Home to see the status of their request to have Lowman Home Barn Road and Reformation Road “abandoned” by SCDOT so that they can close those streets for the safety and plans they have for their campus. As you can see below, if that does happen, I have worked with SCDOT to ensure we have a traffic signal so that we can “get out” from the area. Like many of you, I “cut through” Lowman Home multiple times every day going to schools or the Chapin area. Having a traffic light will be a huge help to turn left (and, frankly, turn right) if we no longer have access through Lowman Home’s campus.


Representative Ballentine – After the sewer-line was completed we set a new projected completion date of September 30th. That being said, the contractor has elected to use a jack and bore method for installing the required crossline under US 76. This will both expedite the project and minimize our impact on traffic. Right now the contractor is forecasting to be complete by the second week of September, ~ September 13th.

The September dates do not include the installation of a traffic signal because a signal is not warranted with the current traffic volumes and is not included in the construction contract. We projected the traffic volumes turning left from Johnson Marina Road onto US 76 after closing the roads through Lowman Homes, if that happens. The traffic volume is projected to be high enough to warrant a signal. SCDOT is prepared to install a signal quickly if the decision is made by Lowman Homes to move ahead with the closure and upon indication that the court will approve. If a signal is warranted after completion of the intersection project without closing of roads through Lowman Homes, SCDOT will move quickly to install.



  1. Thomas J Callan says

    I am opposed to closing the road through the Lowman Home complex. As a minimum, I think there should be a public hearing before any decisions are made. I use this route periodically and have never seen a volume of vehicle traffic or virtually any pedestrians or even golf carts to warrant closing. This will also limit access to the White Rock Post Office,

    • Tom, I “cut thru” Lowman Home multiple times a day so I understand. However, from what I have learned from DOT, Lowman Home has one of the most “slam dunk” situations for “road abandonment” they have ever seen. There is a process (not sure what that is – something to do with public notice though, I’m sure) and as of today Lowman Home has not started that process. I’m certain they will though as they shared their plans with me awhile back and that’s when I contacted DOT to help them assure we could still “get left” (to schools and Chapin) when Lowman Home closed their campus. At my request, DOT has approve a traffic signal – only if Lowman Home closes their roads. DOT will keep me in the loop and will need 6 weeks to put the signal up whenever they are notified.

      I’m just glad Lowman Home didn’t just shut the roads down without thinking of the community first. Them sharing with me helped us avoid a big problem. Should the roads close, Lowman Home has assured me they will not close them until DOT has installed the signal that we will need at 76/Johnson Marina Road.

  2. Wayne Gunter says

    Would like to know what points they want to close.
    Met with them several years back and they cited safety as reason and mentioned wrecks that have occurred. Those wreck mentioned were on roads around Lowman property but none on the campus. What are the reasons given now?⁶

  3. Safety of their residents. Keeping others out of the campus. I’ve helped them with speed humps a few years ago and often with speed monitoring (Richland County Sheriff Department, etc). I understand their desire to create more of a campus feel. It does stink for all of us that have “cut thru there” for many years though. At least SCDOT stepped up and will provide a traffic signal for us if/when Lowman Home goes through with road closure (aka abandonment) process

  4. As a Dayspring at Lowman resident who drives either a golf cart or Jeep vehicle, I can understand how some who “cut through” Lowman think that there is not enough traffic to warrant closing the Lowman Home Barn Road to through traffic. It took several years to just get the speed tables installed and the traffic still flies over them. In a golf cart going to meals at the wellness center it can be quite frightening and intimidating with vehicles flying by or seeming to want to get into the back of my golf cart. If speed limits and the 4-way stop signs were observed, perhaps the road would not need closure. Regretfully, present traffic is a hazard to pedestrians and carts more often than not for we who have chosen Lowman for our “golden” years. Every driver should realize that “they” also may one day be a part of “us”.

    • Marilyn, good to hear from you! I bet my sign is still out at your place in Ballentine? 🙂 Stay safe. From what DOT has told me, it looks like those roads will be closed in the next few months.